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The live trading subscription from grants its users access to a real-time stream of a professional day trader. Access to valuable watch lists, a chatroom, and educational videos are also included. The options trading video courses prove to be the highlight of the service. Overall, it is a decent value for amateur day traders. This service is available for $99 per month. As he says "Go Forth, Kick Ass"

Watch Him Trade is a day trading tracking service where users can actually see the live time trading screens of its founder and operator, Kevin Kleinman. Included in this package are:

  • Access to a live feed of Kleinman’s trading computer screens
  • Access to the chatroom
  • Copies of Kleinman’s watch lists
  • Educational videos over various trading concepts and principles

Services offered:

  1. Subscription to participate in the online trading chatroom, $8.99 per month
  2. Subscription to “live trading,” which includes access to the chatroom, $99.99 per month

This review will be based on the latter item on the list above, the live trading subscription. With this subscription, users view a live feed of Kleinman’s trading screen and can listen to his commentary as to why he opted to enter or exit a certain position.

About the founder, Kevin Kleinman

Kleinman has a story similar to that of many who day trade for a living. He claims to have had an interest in the stock market since childhood. Subsequently, he began investing as soon as he was old enough to open a brokerage account. After having lost it all and earning much of it back several times, Kleinman now trades stocks as a textbook day trader, trying to identify trends and riding them to pocket a profit. He founded in 2014.

How much does it cost?

Access to the live trading subscription is offered as a monthly membership for $99 billed monthly. A 15- day trial is offered, but costs $5.

Logging in:

logging in to watchhimtrade's members area

Dashboard after login


Above is the dashboard that users will be directed to after logging in. It seems to be a mash up of recent posts for the service. In the upper right is the button that would point users to the live feed or Kleinman’s screens. If users login outside of trading hours or at a time when Kleinman is not live the red text will indicate that it is not available at the moment, as pictured. There are links to tomorrow’s, today’s, and past days’ watch lists. Links to education videos and past days’ live feed are also present on this dashboard.

Users set up their login as their email address and a password of their choice. “Forgot password” options are offered.

The menu across the top (towards the right) is straight forward and well organized. It acts as the main point of navigation for users. Use it to access your account settings page, gains and losses history, watch lists, options education, video archives, and the logout selection.

Gains and losses (track record):

watch him trades past profit and loss

A snip of Kleinman’s report on gains and losses. The pictured is from the week of 6/27/16 to 7/1/16.

For further transparency and perhaps to establish more credibility, administrators post weekly reports of gains and losses. The image above is only a small portion of the report, which goes into much more detail and provides a history of each and every trade that Kleinman made during the mentioned week.

As pictured, the total net profit for the week ending 7/1/16 was actually negative. This means that Kleinman lost money that week; $198.90, to be exact. There are additional numbers reported that advanced traders may be interested in learning.

It is also worth mention, I explored several weeks of the gains and losses reports, and though I did not add them all up, it does not seem that Kleinman is making a great deal of money on his day trading. Most weeks that I viewed he profited between $50 and $250 dollars; other weeks he sustained losses. I will readdress this later in this review.

The chatroom:

watch him trades live trading chatroom

A screenshot of the chatroom

The chatroom is similar to that of other day trading services. It is very simple in set-up. However, there is very little sorting between messages. The only differentiation is that administrators’ posts are identified by having their screen names bolded and colored; others’ posts are not emphasized.

In the chatroom users may try to offer tips on movements that they identify as trends. It is always useful to have multiple sets of eyes and multiple brains working towards a common goal, but remember: you are responsible for your own trades. Think strongly before taking advice from fellow users, or anyone for that matter.

There are usual rules enforced in the chatroom. Profanity is not allowed, “I told you so” statements are frowned upon as well. Administrators simply ask that users be kind to each other and use common sense with participating in the chatroom.

Kleinman’s watch list:

a watchlist example

An example of a watch list selection


The inclusion of the watch list is a highly significant feature of the live trading subscription service. The watch list will allow users to personally analyze the selected set of companies’ stock and make informed decisions of their own, rather than solely relying on mirroring Kevin Kleinman’s trading.

Kleinman employs an “over/under” prediction. He claims that if a stock opens….

  1. over the number he sets, it is more likely to continue moving in an upwards trend.
  2. lower than his pre-determined over/under number, he predicts that it will continue on a downtrend.

Many investors choose to look only for stocks that they think will move upwards. Professionals call these traders “blinded by the green.” They encourage, as does Kleinman, to short stocks so that you may profit even from a downward moving stock.

Let’s see the live trading screen!

live trading screen of watch him trade reviewed

The screenshot above is of the live trading video feed. This is exactly what Kleinman sees when he is at work trading. As you can see, there are various tables, charts, and graphs at his and at the users’ disposal. This is what is markets as the most valuable portion of this service (I disagree, but more later…)

The downfall to the live trading screen is that the more amateur traders will have a hard time identifying all components, understanding what they mean, and keeping up with frequent updates. While Kleinman probably has a good process and understands all the data at hand just fine, he should consider the idea of simplifying his interface. Ironically, many users many benefit from a series of graphs rather than the variety of charts present.

The best item in the live trading package – Options Education:

options video training

Table of Contents, Options Trading Course


The most valuable portion of this service is the included video courses. There are six of them. Admittedly, I did not watch all them, but I did skim through them. They seem to be helpful and rather thorough. Especially if you are new to day trading, this section of is highly beneficial. Kleinman and his team clearly spent a great deal of time composing these video courses. To be honest, I am surprised that he doesn’t sell them separately for a handsome price; he probably could do so and increase his income (many other subscription services do offer their videos courses separate from 500$ to 1000$)


  • detailed watch lists
  • a high level of transparency
  • educational opportunity
  • building community through the chatroom


  • poorly integrated live stream interface
  • trades are mostly small in size not for larger investors
  • Kleinman is usually only live for half of the trading day (usually in the morning)

Is the live trading subscription right for me?

The live trading service is great for people who:

  • Are new to day trading
  • Need access to watch lists
  • Need education in options trading concepts
  • Would like to participate in discussions in a community of day traders.

This serve is probably not for you if:

  • You are an experience day trader already
  • Having a large variety of stocks is how you like to trade
  • You prefer to work in the afternoon/evening hours.


The live trading subscription from is a lower-level tool for day traders. While it may not meet the needs of more advanced traders, it is a great service for those that are looking to get into day trading because of the educational videos offered as part of users’ subscription. The chatroom and live stream are cool features for sure, but again, the real value of this service is the opportunity to learn from Kleinman about options trading. For $99 per month you could get your foot in the door to day trading.

If you have used this service leave a review!

Watch Him Trade: Live Trading Review
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Watch Him Trade: Live Trading

Summary: The live trading subscription from grants its users access to a real-time stream of a professional day trader. Access to valuable watch lists, a chatroom, and educational videos are also included. The options trading video courses prove to be the highlight of the service. Overall, it is a decent value for amateur day traders. This service is available for $99 per month. As he says “Go Forth, Kick Ass”

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