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Warrior Trading offers a real-time day trading chat room, training courses, live classroom sessions and even a complete training simulation program. Founded by Ross Cameron and augmented by three other seasoned day traders, the Warrior Trading team is readily accessible and driven to help members achieve their financial goals. Access to the chat room is $149 per month with Trading Simulator access an additional $99 per month, although longer subscription commitments can bring those down substantially.

Warrior Trading is all about the power of people. They claim to run the largest chat room on Wall Street, with an active community of “trading warriors.” Aside from the chat room and related features, the platform also offers many Day Trading Courses and a 90 Day Learning Path for financial instruction.

Will you be a better investor after three months with Warrior Trading? How well will their training materials prepare you for financial success? I took an in-depth look at their entire program, including features only available to subscribers. My complete review starts now:

warrior trading website screenshot

Services Provided:

They offer a wide range of day trading services including a chat room, trading courses, and real-time buy/sell alerts. Their online instruction includes courses in the Gap and Go, Momentum and Reversal strategy.

Like many day trading sites, Warrior Trading welcomes new traders with a wide variety of teaching tools. Unlike many day trading sites, Warrior Trading also offers a real-time Market Simulator.

Their 90 day Learning Path includes access to the chat room, trading courses, and live classroom sessions. Here’s a look at the main page for subscribers:

account screenshot warrior trading

Chat Room

Here’s a look at a live trading chat room:

chat room warrior trading

The main window shows the trading action in real-time, with a side window listing the chat room participants and a bottom window where you can read the chat messages and contribute your own. Throughout the trading day, you’ll hear live audio from the Warrior Trading professional as he conducts trades.

I like the graph format of the main window, which allows for clear charting of real-time trends. However, I dislike the list on the left. Both trading pros and members are listed in the same size and color font. While the Pro is listed at the top, differentiating between the two can be confusing.

While I appreciate the input from the other subscribers, I prefer to recognize at a glance when the pro types into the chat room. Although the pro will mainly communicate by audio, I still think this is an issue with a simple fix which Warrior Trading should make.

Trading Courses

There’s a wealth of training material designed for all levels of investors. Here’s an overview of the courses available:

trading classes

These are just some of the classes available. Other videos cover more general trading topics. There’s also a series of classes on Swing Trading.

Live Mentor Classroom Courses

Other education resources include their WarriorPRO courses. Here’s what that page looks like:

pro student mentor lessons

There are live trading / teaching sessions held every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at four in the afternoon (on the East Coast).

These live sessions look just like regular chat room sessions, only with more of an emphasis on teaching. To be clear, you’ll still learn a lot during the regular chat room sessions. But the mentoring sessions are more focused on learning. Usually, the instructor will emphasize a specific aspect of day trading and then use the live trades examples.

Trading Simulation

Let’s be honest: Practically nobody – ever – is great at day trading right away. There’s a huge learning curve. One of the unfortunate aspects of day trading is the lack of ways to learn in a real-world setting without having to risk (and likely lose) real money.

That’s why I love Warrior Trading’s Trading Simulation feature. You can practice trading in a simulation which mirrors the real thing in practically every way – except you’re not using real money. Here’s a look at some screens from the simulation:

screenshare trading screen

The Trading Simulation is a separate subscription package than the Chat Room Access. Trading Simulation members get access to the simulation room as well as the following:

  • Real-time Level 2 Quotes in conjunction with NASDAQ and NYSE
  • “Replicated Reality.” The simulation looks, acts and responds just like the real trading platform
  • Advanced Charting. You’ll learn specifically how to read charts and other technical indicators.
  • $100,000 virtual dollars. You’ll have plenty of practice money to use as you learn.

Because the Trading Simulation area operates under a separate subscription plan, there are also separate costs. Which brings us to the next section…

Warrior Trading Subscription Plans and Prices

Here’s a look at the pricing plans for their Chat Room and related services:

warrior trading price levels

Three plans are available. Longer subscriptions equal a less expensive monthly cost. All plans include the following:

  • Access to the chat room
  • 5 to 10 Day Trades each day
  • 3 to 5 Swing Trades each week
  • Alerts sent to your phone and inbox

If you want just those features, the price is $149 per month. The quarterly plan is $99 a month and includes additional features such as Daily Mentoring with the WT pros.

The best deal in the long term is the annual plan, which is $49 per month. This includes all the features found in the other plans as well as a few free bonuses. Overall this plan saves you $300 on subscription fees and includes over a thousand dollars worth of trading tools.

Simulation Room Price Plans

As mentioned above, the Simulation Trading room is a separate service. Here’s a look at the three price plans:

add on membership levels

The monthly membership is probably not worth the money for most new traders. While one month is probably enough time to learn the basics, this subscription plan doesn’t include the free Intro to Trading Course. This is a comprehensive course worth $299 and designed specifically for new traders (which should be anyone interested in the simulation).

All Trading Simulator packages do include the following:

  • $100,000 in simulated money to use in the simulator
  • Level 2 Market Depth in real-time
  • Hot-Key customization for inst-orders
  • Trade History Reports
  • Charting capabilities

WarriorPro Bundle Packages

Finally, if you want everything Warrior Trading has to offer, Warrior Trading offers three levels of WarriorPro Bundle packages:

warrior trading bundle

The Warrior Trading Team

The technology and features of a trading platform are important, but the team members behind the platform are often even more important. The Warrior Trading team consists of four online day trading professionals:

warrior trading team

Founder Ross Cameron creates most of the instructional material and is also very active in the Chat Rooms each day, so I want to focus in on his biography here.

Born and raised in southern Vermont, Ross is a graduate of Vermont College with a Bachelor of Arts. After losing pretty big in the market during the 2000s, Ross decided he could deliver better results on his own instead of through a brokerage firm. So he began day trading small cap stocks under $20.

He did well enough that he decided to create a professional platform where he could teach others his trading secrets. In 2012, he founded Day Trade Warrior. Eventually, the name was changed to Warrior Trading, and he began teaching a variety of classes including:

  • Risk Management
  • Stock Selection
  • How to Identify Safe Entries

When he’s not trading online, Ross spends his time hanging out with his family, sailing, gardening and working on cars.

The other Warrior Trader team members have varied background, but all are well-versed in day trading and finance. Ed has a teaching background. Mike has a background in Behavioral Finance. Finally, Jeff has a strong background in swing trading and is the site’s Head Swing Trader.

I found all of the team members to be personable, accessible and with a strong grasp of both teaching and trading.

What I Like About Warrior Trading:

  • The trading simulation. This is probably my favorite part of the entire platform. Too many new traders are scared off because they end up losing real money when all they want to do is practice trading. A simulation lets you get through that initial learning curve without taking a big hit to your bank account.
  • The staff. A lot of trading platforms are a one-man show. While that has it advantages, I also like the four-person squad at Warrior Trading. Each person has a specialty in the world of online training. Plus, four people means increased accessibility for subscribers.
  • The training. Warrior Trading takes a simple, straight-forward approach to training. Each lesson is detailed and topic driven. The sequence of courses will teach you big, complicated ideas in simple, easy-to-grasp bites.

What I Think Warrior Trading Could Improve:

  • The chat room. Specifically, the list of people inside the chat room. Both the Warrior Trading experts and subscribers have their names listed in the same look and color. I prefer some style differences so I can identify the pros at a glance.
  • The price structure. Between the chat room access, simulation room access and bundle plans, there are nine different pricing plans to consider. While the simulation is a standalone feature worthy of separate price points, I wish pricing was a bit simpler.

Is Warrior Trading Worth the Money?

That depends. Normally, I recommend signing up for one month of the service. Then, if you’re satisfied with the platform, I recommend signing up for a longer plan.

In this case, I don’t recommend the monthly plan. Instead, I recommend the yearly. This is because the annual plan offers an Intro to Trading course. Plus, with the annual plan, the price per month is about one-third of the cost of a month to month plan.

I also recommend either one month or three months of the Trading Simulation plan. This is an invaluable learning tool not found on too many other trading platforms. While one month

I know this is an unusual subscription recommendation from me, but here’s my reasoning. You’re not going to learn day trading in one month. You’re not even going to learn it in three months. But within one year’s time, you should be at the top of the trading game.

I recommend using the first month to focus heavily on the trading simulator. Then, if you choose three month’s of access to the trading simulator, you can focus on real trades when the market is open and simulated trades when it’s closed.

While this combo purchase is a pretty high initial investment, I think this strategy makes the most economic sense in the long run. You’ll learn on the same platform you’ll end up using to trade for real – and your monthly subscription costs will only be $49 a month.


There’s a lot to like about Warrior Trading. Their four key team members are all finance experts with the ability to teach both basic and advanced trading concepts to users of all levels. Plus, their trading simulation is a great way to learn. While the prices are high, and I do recommend a rather long commitment, I think Warrior Trading is solid choice – especially for new traders with a serious commitment to learning all the ins and outs of day trading.

Have you used any part of the Warrior Trading system such as the chat room or the trading simulator? Share your thoughts in the comment section below:

Warrior Trading: Day Trading Platform Review
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Warrior Trading

Summary: Warrior Trading offers a real-time day trading chat room, training courses, live classroom sessions and even a complete training simulation program. Founded by Ross Cameron and augmented by three other seasoned day traders, the Warrior Trading team is readily accessible and driven to help members achieve their financial goals. Access to the chat room is $149 per month with Trading Simulator access an additional $99 per month, although longer subscription commitments can bring those down substantially.

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