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Online trading can be time-consuming, tricky and even downright frustrating. If you’re an active trader, sometimes the markets can feel like your whole world.

Wall Street Window takes a different approach. Global financial markets don’t exist in a vacuum. Instead, they’re deeply linked to actions in the larger world. When you understand the major events and trends around the globe, you’ll be able to more accurately predict the best financial moves to make.

his emphasis on geopolitics and finance is a bit different than what you’ll find in other financial newsletters. Is their approach the right choice for you? I looked into Wall Street Window to bring you my 100% honest opinion. My full review starts right now:

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A Quick Overview of Wall Street Window

The site offers a robust combination of financial news and market analysis. Info is delivered to subscribers in podcasts, emails and newsletters.

The site is pretty popular. Over 100,000 investors and analysts visit the site each month. The email list has over 50,000 members.

There’s an overall emphasis on current news. Their homepage has a financial news ticker which updates throughout the day. Here’s a snapshot:

top stories news feed

Aside from news, you can also find plenty of analysis. How are the events of the world affecting the markets? Here’s a look at another part of their homepage:

news podcasts and trading information

New material is published pretty much every day. Topics will vary based on current events and market trends.

Services Offered

Wall Street Window delivers their content in a few different formats. Some services are paid while others are free.


The newsletter is the main draw here. A new one is published each month. There’s an emphasis on “the next big thing” in the financial markets. You’ll see which stocks and sectors to focus on going forward. Each newsletter is written by site creator Michael Swanson (more on him later). Newsletters are part of a paid subscription plan.


Weekly podcasts are also available for everyone, including non-subscribers. Podcasts cover investment strategies, market trends and more. There are even interviews with other investment pros. You can listen to previous podcasts right on the site. If you sign up, you can receive alerts when new podcasts are released.


This a free service. You’ll receive a series of emails, and the first one will arrive almost immediately after you sign up. The emails are designed mainly designed for new traders. You’ll learn about stop loss orders, general risk management, and other helpful info. New emails will arrive weekly.


A new blog post is published almost every day. These short blogs provide a brief on the trading day ahead. They’re a quick primer on what you need to know before the markets open.

WSW Power Investor

This is a premium service with a somewhat limited availability. Described as an “inner circle mastermind service,” members receive a weekly watch list of stocks considered to be a potential buy. No price is currently listed on the site. In fact, the current service isn’t taking new members, although you can reserve a spot in the next sign up period.

Michael Swanson: The Man Behind Wall Street Window

In 1999, Wall Street Window was founded by Michael Swanson. He’s written all the newsletters and hosted most of the podcasts.

Swanson has a long history in the financial markets. From 2003 through 2006, he ran a hedge fund. The fund ranked in the top 35 hedge funds tracked by Hedgefund.net. intro to wallstreet window

Swanson is also the author of Strategic Stock Trading and The War State. These best-selling financial books detail Swanson’s investment philosophy. His main focus is on trends which last for a few years instead of quick trades.

He’s also very focused on gold investing. Many of his newsletters and blogs will discuss gold investing at least somewhat. Swanson tends to recommend hold positions for both gold stocks and physical gold.

gold investing and gold stock news

Prices and Plans

A significant amount of the site is free. The podcasts and email subscription service are both free. You can also visit the site for free and read financial headlines.

The free content is pretty high quality. My guess is he’s able to give away a lot of his content because he uses his site to promote his various financial books. Seems like a win-win!

The newsletter costs a one-time fee of $197. You can cancel your subscription within the first 60 days for a full refund.

I don’t see many newsletters with this pricing structure or, for that matter, with this low of a price. You get a lot of quality content for not much money.


  • Unique market analysis based on geopolitics.
  • Michael Swanson has a long history of market experience.
  • Daily blog posts and monthly newsletters help you develop long-term strategies.
  • Lots of free, interesting podcasts, especially the interviews.
  • Lots of financial news info. Ticker keeps you informed all day long.


  • Emphasis on gold investing won’t appeal to all investors.
  • Lots of financial news info. Ticker sometimes adds clutter you don’t need.

Is Wall Street Window the Right Choice for You?

I recommend Wall Street Window if you’re interested in Michael Swanson’s philosophies. Specifically, his approach to investing is heavily based on geopolitical events around the world. You’ll want to stay informed on financial news if you’re going to follow WSW’s analysis.

Also, Wall Street Window definitely has a soft spot for gold investing. If you’re not interested in gold investing, some info here isn’t going to provide much benefit.

On the plus side, the quality of the content is high. Swanson is a real financial pro. Even better, he communicates his ideas clearly.

I recommend checking out their free content first – you might be pleasantly surprised. With a low price and interesting point of view, both investment novices and pros are likely to find at least some benefit with Wall Street Window.


Wall Street Window analyzes current financial news to predict future market trends. Owner Michael Swanson has decades of experience in the financial sector. While the site is somewhat limited in scope, the information is usually unique and interesting.


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