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VectorVest is a subscriber only stock platform that packs a punch. This standalone platform uses both fundamental analysis as well as technical analysis to help subscribers find profitable stocks. Among all of the trading platform, the hybrid of fundamental and technical is unique and some may argue is better than using purely fundamental or purely technical.

This subscriber-based platform is ideal for position traders with holding periods between 1 to 3 months. Not only does it provide fundamental and technical analysis, but VectorVest also created their analytical metrics and the platform provides back testing functionalities for subscribers that want to build their trading strategy. On top of this, VectorVest offers extensive training and market guidance to its customers and is one of the leading providers in the trading platform market. Hope you find this VectorVest Review helpful.

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Getting Started

There is no free trial for this service and the most affordable way to test drive this platform is to purchase the five-week trial for $9.99.

To signup is simple, click on the free trial link and input user information. From there you have the opportunity to access various markets:

vectorvest market selection

There are three types of services:

vectorvest pricing chart

features table vectorvest

For the purpose of evaluation, we signed up for the End of Day trial to evaluate all the features of VectorVest. Once one goes through the registration process, a download link is produced to download and install VectorVest. The process is simple, and the entire setup took less than 15 minutes. After installation, users are taken to the homepage of VectorVest as shown below.

Home Page

vectorvest trading software end of day report

As one can see, the left page has the quicklist, VectorVest at a Glance, and Top VST stocks. Quicklist allows one to add tickers for quick quotes. VectorVest at a Glance provides a quick summary of the number of stocks with Buy, Sell, and Hold recommendations based on VectorVest’s proprietary analysis. Top VST stocks provide a list of five stocks that VectorVest recommend based on VectorVest analysis. If users double click on one of the symbols, a list of stocks in the same industry will appear. For example, we clicked on BZUN, and this list appeared:

This list not only has a closing price, price change, and percentage change. There are also exclusive VectorVest features.


First, there is Value, which is what VectorVest believes to be the actual value of the stock.


Then there is RV, which is the price appreciation potential versus an AAA Bond. The higher, the better, if it is 1.64, it means it has the potential to outperform an AAA bond by 64%.


Next is RS, which is Relative Safety, which measures earnings, revenue, and various other fundamental metrics to determine the strength of a company. In this case, it is better to be above 1 and the higher, the better.


Then there is RT, which is what VectorVest to be the most important metric. RT stands for relative timing and timing is everything, which makes RT better when it’s higher. RT looks at short-term price trend of the stock and is essential a momentum indicator of the stock.


If one wants to save time, VST is Value, Safety, Timing and it is a quick way to analyze a stock.


This looks at a stock and determines to buy, sell, and hold ratings.


Every trading plan needs a stop loss and the next column, which is Stop, gives investors an idea of when to cut losses by looking at the 13-week moving average of a security based on company fundamentals.

Following the Stop column is a series of fundamental metrics

GRT stands for growth rate,

EPS stands for Earnings Per Share,

EY is Earnings Yield,

P/E stands for Price/Earnings,

GPE is Growth to P/E,

DIV is Dividends Paid,

DY is Dividends Yield,

DS is Dividends Safety,

DG is Dividends Growth,

YSG is Yield Safety Growth Factor.

This concludes the list of fundamental ratings followed by Open, High, Low, Price Range, Volume, Avg Volume, % Volume Change vs. Average. These are all price and volume metrics supported by more fundamental metrics such as Sales in Millions, Sales Growth, Sales Per Share, Price over Sales, Shares Outstanding, Market Cap, Industry, and finally Sector. Broadly speaking, this window is divided into VectorVest metrics, Earnings Metrics, Dividend Metrics, Price & Volume Metrics, Sales Metrics, and finally Company Metrics.

vectorvest industry similar stocks

vectorvest list of similar stocks

vectorvest list of 10 similar stocks

Moving on to the middle column of the home page is Market Timing Gauge, Color Guard, and Top RT Industries.

Market Timing Gauge tells subscribers if it is the right time to go long any stocks. Currently, the gauge is between red and yellow, which tells customers, now is not the best time to be buying stocks. Once the Market Timing Gauge turns, green subscribers can start purchasing stocks again.

Below the Market Timing Gauge is the Color Guard;

This is based on the VectorVest Composite. Price is the closing price of the composite,

RT is the relative strength of this composite,

BSR is the Buy/Sell Ratio of this composite based on all the all the stocks in the VectorVest Composite.

MTI is the Market Timing Indicator, which indicates whether it is the right time to be purchasing stocks right now, and is a combination of Price, BSR, and RT into a single metric.

Last two metrics, Trend and Call, indicates what the Trend shows what the trend is like on the market and call is a future call on what the market is expected to do.

Moving on to the last box in the middle column shows the strongest industries.

Right, click on industry to see all the stocks in the sector’s group. Below is a screenshot of the stocks in the current top industry Auto & Truck (Tires/Misc.).

vectorvest stocks in industry trucks and auto

Moving on to the far right column is the VectorVest University.

As one can tell by now, there is a lot of jargon when using this software and it is important to go through the training sessions to familiarize oneself with the program. The middle box is the MTI chart, which graphs the VectorVest Composite MTI into a graph. Lastly, is the ranking of the high sectors. Similarly, here one can right click and see the most solid stocks in the industry.

Timing Tab

vectorvest market timing page

The next tab on the top ribbon is the Timing Tab. This tab focuses on market timing, and the first selection is Color Guard. Color Guard is a singular view of Market Timing Gauge.

vectorvest color guard

The next selection is the Sure-Fire Success Plan. Here one can choose from five trading strategies to follow: CC S&P 500 Volume Winners/Vern’s Vultures, GLB Safe & Sound, RTC Great Growth, RTC Top Line Growth, RTC S&P 500 Winners.

vectorvest surefire success

CC S&P 500 Volume Winners/Vern’s Vultures

Trades S&P 500 stocks that are “Buy” rated and sorts to the top, those with the highest price and positive price momentum. Positions are held through all markets and managed on Stops.

vectorvest success wizard

GLB – Safe and Sound

This program trades fundamentally sound stocks and sorts the strongest combination of Safety and Persistent Price Pattern to the top.

vectorvest success wizard

RTC Great Growth Stocks

Trades “Buy” rated stocks that have positive EPS and sorts the most potent combination of VST, Earnings Growth, and Average Volume to the top. Positions are held through all markets and managed on Stops.

RTC – Top Line Growers

Trades S&P100 stocks that have improved Quarterly EPS and Sales GRT. The strongest combination of Safety and Persistent Price Pattern are sorted to the top. Positions are held through all markets and managed on Stops.

vectorvest surefire success wizard

RTC – S&P 500 Winners

Trades S&P 500 stocks that are “Buy” rated and sorts to the top, those with the highest price and positive price momentum. Positions are held through all markets and managed on Stops.

vectorvest sure-fire success wizard

Market Timing Graph

The timing graph is a follow-up to the VVC and graphs MTI, BSR, and RT on a historical chart.

vectorvest graphing page

VectorVest News

This link gives subscribers news of the day based on VectorVest Metrics. It is useful for getting a summary on how to markets are performing for the day and what VectorVest thinks.

vectorvest news page

Special Presentation Video gives a presentation on a particular topic. When clicking on the link on September 7th the topic is how to time the market. Daily Color Guard video provides a daily video analysis on the color guard chart. If one clicks on Sure-Fire Success Video, one will get a training video on how to use the Sure-Fire Success program.

Viewers Tab

Viewers tab is the next tab in the ribbon. In this tab, subscribers can sort stocks, industries, sectors, indexes, and ETFs by VST: Value, Safety, Timing. The viewer’s tab is helpful in finding investments with the highest VectorVest metric.

In addition to:

vectorvest viewers page

Graph Tab

This tab is the VectorVest’s graphing tool. The graph tab comes with different graph layouts. The one below is VectorVest Simple design.

vectorvest end of day graphs

Star Search layout, which has DPO layouts.

vectorvest star search layout

Midas Touch layout, which has longer term RT.

vectorvest midas touch layout

GLB/RT Kicker, which also has RT layout.

vectorvest RT layout

Enhanced Protrader Timing Layout, which has DPO and MACD.

Enhanced Protrader Timing Layout vectorvest

CI Sweet Spot, which uses CI to determine the best buying opportunity.

vectorvest CI sweet spot

Lastly, there is an Acid Test layout which uses moving average to time purchases.

vectorvest acid test layout

Graphing is a very powerful tool to analyze charts, and the pre-set layouts allow subscribers to find the best parameter that fits their timeframe and trading system.

Back Tester

This tool allows subscribers to backrest VectorVest strategies as well build plans to back test. Below is a list of strategies from VectorVest to back test and for illustration purposes, we tried the RT Kicker Combo.

vectorvest choose a trading system

vectorvest back tester

The RT Kicker Combo backrests for a year and users can print a report of all the trades or create a summary report that has starting value, positions, and other key metrics. (PDF Attached). If subscribers want to build their strategies to backtest, one must choose from the existing list of tools from VectorVest and can use a combination of instruments. For illustration purposes, we combined buying signals from Low-Priced spikers and selling signal from Power Moves III.

vectorvest back tester settings

Below is a list of all tools to choose for backtesting. Subscribers can build their strategies and explore all the potential profits from following a systemized trading system here.

Portfolio Tab

This tab allows subscribers to follow CC, GLB, RTC Great Growth Stocks, RTC S&P Winners, and RTC Top Line Growers, the most popular strategies for VectorVest program. The Portfolio tab is similar to following a backtested strategy in which positions are bought and sold following a rules-based system. Also, subscribers can create their portfolio and monitor it’s performance there.

vectorvest portfolios tab

Views Tab

Views tab provide timely information surrounding market calls, VectorVest events, strategy review, and special events.

Essay Viewer section discusses latest market developments every Friday and covers upcoming events with VectorVest.

vectorvest views tab

The strategy of the Week section reviews different strategies and can be thought of as an education segment that is here to assist subscribers with using VectorVest.

vectorvest strategy of the week

Market Calls Viewer is a periodic update on the market and provides market-timing signals. This segment is useful for the longer-term players to evaluate current market health.

vectorvest market calls viewer

Special reports cover different topics based on market conditions as well as trending topics. These reports provide subscribers with a broad range of knowledge that is beyond just using VectorVest.

vectorvest special reports

Training Tab

The last tab on the top ribbon is training; the segment covers how to use VectorVest and the definitions of VectorVest terms. This page has five lessons, 30-second stock analysis, weed your portfolio, become a green light buyer, cherry-picking checklist, and 10-minute management plan. All of these lessons are worth visiting and should be the first place every new subscriber should start.

vectorvest training tab

VectorVest Review
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Summary: VectorVest is a subscriber only stock platform that packs a punch. This standalone platform uses both fundamental analysis as well as technical analysis to help subscribers find profitable stocks. Among all of the trading platform, the hybrid of fundamental and technical is unique and some may argue is better than using purely fundamental or purely technical.

$59 to $129
RatingRated 3.5 stars


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