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Timothy Sykes is a well know if not abrasive personality and penny stock trader. His Profit.ly network of sites includes real-time chat rooms, trade alerts and a variety of learning resources. His subscription plans start at only $75 a month. While he’s knowledge about penny stock his lack of teaching experience, combined with the confusing layout of his website, might not appeal to the average day trader.

Timothy Sykes is a somewhat controversial figure in the online trading world. As the founder of Profit.ly, he’s been working to create a network of trading sites which operate a bit differently than traditional day traders. Valuing transparency above all else – sometimes even above politeness – Tim and Profit.ly are a well known online trading platform.

Is Timothy Sykes a name you can turn to for online day trading success? I took a thorough look at both his site and Profit.ly. I looked at everything available for members, including the pricing of all available plans.

Check out my complete review below:

timothy sykes screenshot

Timothy Sykes earned his first million by the age of 21. So even though he’s young, he’s been involved with day trading for a long time. He took the $12,415 he received from his bar mitzvah and turned it into over $4 million in under a decade.

Today, Timothy operates his site where he teaches students how to trade penny stocks. To date, his clients have made over $16 million and counting.

Profit.ly is the relatively new kid on the block in the world of online day trading. Perhaps that’s fitting for a company created by someone so young. At times, the design of the Profit.ly site does seem to be undergoing some growing pains – and I’ll discuss that later on.

The information on the Timothy Sykes trading platform can be accessed through his site and Profit.ly. This can be a little confusing so here’s an image to clear it up:

profiding trade alerts

After you log in, this Dashboard page is where you land. The Stream shows the most recent actions taken by the gurus. The four traders connected through the Profit.ly site is:

  • Timothy Sykes – the founder and penny stock professional
  • Connor Bruggemann – part-time trade specialist
  • Paul “Superman” Scholardi – veteran small caps swing trader
  • Matthew “Triforce” Owens – market education specialist and expert in consistent trades

In the screenshot above, both Timothy and Superman have recent activity to display. All four traders are active each market day, with owner/operator Tim the most active.

The Profit.ly Philosophy

The Profit.ly network is dedicated to complete transparency. You’ll see the good trades, the bad and everything in-between. Profit.ly is a pretty well-known network and has seen many traders come through its doors. That being said it seems to see quite a high turnover rate of “gurus” with many changing out and starting their separate sites. Investors underground for example.

This philosophy was born after Tim’s growing frustration at many other day trading sites. Professional trading instructors were bragging about results – but those results could never be verified! To Tim, this was a baseball player refusing to reveal his batting average.

Profit.ly’s commitment to correct results is the cornerstone of their network of platforms. Personally, I think this is a very appealing part of their entire operation. As a long-time day trader myself, I’ve often felt frustrated at the industry’s overall lack of transparency. There have been some questions about the accuracy and how accurate the recording of trades are.

Accessing the Trading Features

There are several options to navigate to the various features for each guru. For instance, if you click on Chat Room you’ll see this:

chat rooms

Each guru has two chat rooms. The ones listed above are the chat rooms dedicated to trades. Under the Off Topic section, each guru also has their second chat room. As the name implies, these are informal chat rooms. They’re usually at their most active when the markets are closed for the day.

One aspect of the Profit.ly network I like is the camaraderie among all the gurus and students. For instance, Triforce became a millionaire under the direct instruction of Superman.

Here’s a look at live action from Tim’s Chat Room:

tim sykes chat room screenshot

The main window shows the time, username and message. Stock terms within the message are a light blue. The names of the trading gurus are in green while the names of the members are in blue. General interest messages, such a reminder to stop by the Off Topic room when the trading day is over, are in green.

Tim’s Millionaire Challenge

Tim offers a Millionaire Challenge, which is a one-on-one mentoring program designed to turn you into a millionaire. While the idea is appealing, the execution is a little confusing. Tim doesn’t offer a ton of details, or even a price, for this service until you sign up with an email address.

I think most traders would be best served by avoiding the Millionaire Challenge program, at least for now. The general package – Tim’s Alerts and Penny Stocking Silver – offer plenty of features to get you started. Plus, they’re much more reasonably priced.

Tim’s Video Section

Tim typically sells a series of video course, but during my review period, this section was temporarily down. Take a look:

timothy sykes dvd store While this isn’t a huge deal, it does contribute to the idea that the site isn’t quite as polished as it could be.

What Should I Look for in an Online Day Trader?

Online day trading is a fast-moving world where you’re likely to find a lot of bold promises. Knowing how to separate truth from hype is important when selecting a subscription to a day trading chat room. Here are some principal areas to focus on:

The Trading Pro

If trading online were easy, there would be one strategy everybody would follow to the exclusion of all others. But the truth is there’s no one path to success with day trading.

Every trader has a different personality and a different roadmap to success. Your best course of action is to find a trader to which you feel a connection. A significant factor here is how you prefer to learn. Some standard teaching methods include:

  • Chat room lessons using real-time trades as teaching lessons
  • Podcasts
  • Blog posts
  • Daily videos, newsletters or other types of watch lists
  • Personal one-on-one coaching

You also want to find instructions tailored to your level. Almost every trading course has something for new students. But what if you want to trade part-time or in the afternoon? What if you’re a veteran trader looking to learn a new system? The more you understand what you’re looking for, the easier you’ll be able to select a trader who can help you reach your financial goals

The Community

One primary reason many people choose an online chat room for their day trading is that of the community. Aside from the trading professional, you’ll also be able to interact with other subscribers from around the world.

Some of them might be veterans while others complete novices. But everyone can add something positive to your trading experience.

The size of the community matters, too. A big community can lead to chaotic chat rooms while a small community can be too quiet to be helpful.

A Note about Refunds

Be careful before committing to any long-term subscription plans. Almost all online day trading platforms offer a no returns policy. This is because they’re mainly selling information, not tangible products. Stay informed about any cancellation deadlines, so you’re not charged with unwanted auto-renewal fees.

Penny Stocking Silver and Tim’s Alerts: Which Plan is Best for You?

Tim has two subscription plans. The “Tim’s Alerts” Plan only focuses on identifying trading opportunities and making successful trades. The “Penny Stocking Silver” plan focuses on trading opportunities while also adding several instructional tools.

Both of Tim’s plans include the following:

  • Access to both the Trading and Off Topic Chat Room.
  • A daily Watchlist, written by Tim, with his personal recommendations for stocks to pay attention to during the trading day. Depending on market specifics, the list will have between five and ten picks.
  • Real-time alerts sent to your inbox or SMS, as well as apps for both Android and iPhone.

The Stocking Silver plan includes all of the above plus two types of educational materials. That’s one video lesson each week as well as access to the video lesson library, which is currently at 3,500 videos and counting.

Prices Comparison

Tim’s Alerts cost $74.95 a month.

The Penny Stocking Silver costs $149.95 a month.

Here’s What I Like About the Timothy Sykes Trading Platform:

His honesty. Tim’s long blog posts tell you exactly about his trading journey. He found success at a very young age, and he details how the success went to his head. He’s made a seemingly successful attempt to humble himself. For instance, instead of creating videos celebrating his success, he now makes videos about the importance of dedicating to charity.

What Don’t I Like About the Timothy Sykes Trading Program?

The design of the site. The connection between Profit.ly and Timothy Sykes is clear enough: He’s the owner/operator. But navigating within Profit.ly and Tim’s site is confusing. Determining exactly where to go can be a bit maze-like.

The blog section. Timothy spends a fair amount of his blog posts explaining a lot of subjects unrelated to day trading. Specifically, apparently, Tim had a period where he was rude to other traders. He found big success at a young age and according to some of his blog posts he got a pretty big head about the whole thing!


It seems Timothy somewhat turned over a new leaf. He focused on customer service and on generally presenting himself more agreeably online. To be clear, I wasn’t a customer or even aware of Timothy Sykes when he was apparently aggressive and unpleasant online. Though this is apparent from a large amount of reviews online.

Timothy Sykes is a good trader and made quite a bit of money from penny stocks. However he is also a talented marketer and has an aggressive personality that you may or may not like.

Is the Timothy Sykes Online Day Trading Platform Worth the Money?

This depends on what type of trader you are and what you’re looking for. If you’re a trading novice, this is a relatively inexpensive way to learn the basics. If you’re an advanced trader, the general unfinished appearance across the network of sites might be an issue.

Timothy Sykes has a lot of knowledge on penny stocks. Plus, his chat room is perhaps the busiest of all the Profit.ly sites. He also produces the most information for subscribers on a consistent basis and is very helpful in the chat room.

Tim’s Trades, his most basic plan of services, costs a low $74.95 a month. That’s about as low of a price as you’re likely to find for any services in the day trading industry. You’re getting quite a bang for your buck, too, with a variety of useful features designed to help you make money in penny stocks.

Subscribers to Tim’s Trades gain access to the chat room, real-time mobile trade alerts, and daily trading watchlist. For such a low price, I recommend a one-month subscription for most traders. There’s very little financial risk, and you’ll be able to check out the platform’s features for yourself.

However, Tim’s sites have some issues which might prevent most traders from purchasing a long-term subscription. The overall Profit.ly network can be a bit tough to navigate. The site doesn’t seem fully finished and lacks an overall professional polish.

At the end of the day, your opinion of Tim and his teaching style will likely determine whether this is the trading platform for you. The most valuable information will be found in daily use of the chat room during each trading day.

Have you tried Tim’s day trading platform? What did you think of the Profit.ly network? Please share your comments in the section below:

Timothy Sykes Online Trading Platform: Full Review
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Timothy Sykes

Summary: Timothy Sykes is a well know if not abrasive personality and penny stock trader. His Profit.ly network of sites includes real-time chat rooms, trade alerts and a variety of learning resources. His subscription plans start at only $75 a month. While he’s knowledge about penny stock his lack of teaching experience, combined with the confusing layout of his website, might not appeal to the average day trader.

$75 to $150
RatingRated 3.5 stars

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