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Most people can benefit from the Penny Stock Expert. Beginners, in particular, should be able to use the service with some success. The one-time fee gives the penny stock egghead no incentive to cater to long-term customers with continued content.

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Interest in penny stock trading has boomed over the course of the past few years.

The main draw of these particular type of stocks is that only a small investment is required for the chance to make a huge return down the line.

Yet you have to pick the right stocks to actually earn big money. That’s where the Penny Stock Egghead enters the picture.

Created by Nathan Gold, a self-made millionaire, an expert at trading penny stocks, this service is actually an online newsletter that provides subscribers with a weekly selection of which penny stock to buy or sell.

So is the Penny Stock Egghead all it’s cracked up to be? Find out for yourself in my complete review below.

Who is the Penny Stock Egghead for?


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The Penny Stock Egghead is for anyone interested in more successfully trading penny stocks.

Successful trading relies on selecting the right stocks, so it’s essential for beginners to have guidance in this area.

Though no one is going to handhold you through the process of buying or selling the stocks, the guidance offered by Nathan Gold in the Penny Stock Egghead newsletter is invaluable.

His picks help clear up some of the confusion many people experience upon trading penny stocks for the first time.

In short, the Penny Stock Egghead cuts hours out of the penny stock investing process by showing you which stocks are the best to pick.

Additionally, the extensive details provided by Gold on each of his picks means you’re actually learning about penny stock investing in a hands-on manner.

The end goal is to teach you the skills you need to make successful decisions on penny stocks by yourself in the future.

Top Features of the Penny Stock Egghead

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So what exactly do you receive when you sign up for the Penny Stock Egghead?

As mentioned above, the core component is a detailed weekly newsletter outlining penny stock expert Nathan Gold’s top penny stock recommendations for that week.

The weekly newsletter also explains exactly why Gold made that pick and how also doing so will benefit you and your portfolio.

His research for each selection is provided in full detail. This research takes Gold hours to complete each week. By outlining his research process, he’s, in turn, giving you the tools you need to select your own penny stocks in the future.

Most of Gold’s research focuses in on each business itself. He thoroughly explores each individual business behind each stock he selects.

Much of this research is into the business’s financial situation. However, it also looks at how the company operates as a business itself.

In addition, Gold’s research for his Penny Stock Egghead newsletter also looks at the area of business in which the company operates.

He wants to make sure that whatever service or product the business offers has the highest likelihood of remaining popular into the future.

In reality, the Penny Stock Egghead and the features it offers are simple. Yet that certainly doesn’t take anything away from their effectiveness as an investing tool.

What I Like About the Penny Stock Egghead


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Penny stocks are a great way for a beginner to enter the world of investing. Though you can definitely lose money, the risk is low compared to other forms of trading.

The most notable advantages of the Penny Stock Egghead include:

  • Industry Expert – Gold is an expert at penny stock trading with a plethora of success under his belt.
  • Lifetime Fee – A $97 one-time fee gives you lifetime access to the Penny Stock Egghead’s weekly newsletters. That’s all you ever have to pay.
  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee – Get your money back if you don’t have success with Gold’s program in your first two months of use.
  • Easy to Understand – The Penny Stock Egghead is geared towards newbies so it’s easy for beginners to understand and implement.
  • Additional Resources – This online newsletter comes with a wide variety of additional resources including PDF guides, instructional videos, and full access to the Penny Stock Egghead website.

What I Don’t Like About the Penny Stock Egghead

Nathan Gold’s newsletter has numerous positives but also has a few negatives. These should be taken into consideration before selecting this service.

The most notable disadvantages of the Penny Stock Egghead include:

  • Only One Pick – Gold only provides one penny stock pick per week, rather than multiple weekly picks like some newsletters.
  • Slow Results – Because only one weekly pick is provided, results are slow coming, even if you follow every single one of Gold’s suggestions.
  • Excessive Claims – The Penny Stock Egghead works well. Yet it doesn’t work quite as well as advertised. Gold’s exaggerated claims just won’t come true for the vast majority of users.

Is the Penny Stock Egghead Worth the Money?

No one wants to dish out their hard-earned money on a service that just won’t bring in any results.

Luckily, the Penny Stock Egghead is well worth the money. For just $97, you get a lifetime subscription to the service.

Of course, this fee costs a lot upfront, unlike other penny stock newsletters that charge on a monthly or yearly basis. Yet given the fact that the subscription is for life, the initial fee really isn’t that cost prohibitive.

Yet the Penny Stock Egghead isn’t for everyone. Those that are best suited for this particular online newsletter are people that:

  • Are new (or newish) to penny stocks.
  • Prefer the low-risk, high-reward format of penny stocks.
  • Want to see how a penny stock expert thinks.
  • Don’t mind slowly building their portfolio with a single pick per week.
  • Would like to understand the science and analytical process behind each pick.

It’s also worth remembering that the Penny Stock Egghead comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

If you try the service and don’t end up liking it as much as you thought you would, you get your money back

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The Penny Stock Egghead
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Penny Stock Egghead

Summary: Most people can benefit from the Penny Stock Expert. Beginners, in particular, should be able to use the service with some success. The one-time fee gives the penny stock egghead no incentive to cater to long-term customers with continued content.

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