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Can Superman save the financial day? Paul “Superman” Scholardi is a veteran smallcap swing trader, CPA and stock trader superstar. Well respected by many of his peers and competitors. His Super Trades site offers a full chat room where you can watch real-time trades and ask direct questions to Superman and his community of subscribers.

Look! Up in the air! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s an… online day trader?

Paul “Superman” Scolardi is a veteran stock trader and educator. His Super Trades site offers chat room access, daily stock Watchlists, training courses and more.

Does Superman have what it takes to save the (trading) day? I took an in-depth look into Super Trades, including the member’s only areas. My complete review – with plenty of actual screenshots — takes off right now. Up, up and away!

super alerts screenshot

“Superman” Scolardi is a veteran online trader who specializes in smallcap swing trading. His trading strategy centers on his ability to spot stocks with explosive potential before the rest of the market take notice.

His site offers a variety of services including live chat room access, a daily Watchlist for market trends and real-time trade alerts sent to your mobile device or inbox. These signals, combined with his research, are a major appeal for his students and subscribers.

The Connection

Superman is one of four trading gurus connected through a network called Each trader operates their sites, but they remain interconnected through the trading day. Aside from Superman, the three other traders are:

  • Timothy Sykes – founder and penny stock professional
  • Connor Bruggemann – part-time trade specialist
  • Matthew “Triforce” Owens – market education specialist and expert of consistent trading

As a subscriber, you can sign into the individual site or through the main hub. Here’s what that looks like:

superman alerts

This is the Dashboard which members see as they first log in. By default, it opens on the Live Stream tab. You can also select the Trades, Open Positions, and Favorites.

The live stream shows all the latest news from all four gurus. These updates notify subscribers of new videos, current market conditions, and other relevant information.

In the screenshot above, you can see most of the videos are from Tim. As the founder, he’s probably the most active poster on the site. But the other three gurus also post frequently. I just happened to take a shot when Tim was particularly active.

What Should I Look for in a Day Trading Platform?

Websites which offer to teach you online day trading while also providing access to a real-time trading chat room are a dime a dozen. Unfortunately, many of these sites are a lot of flash with little substance. When looking at the features of a day trading chat room site, here are the qualities to focus in on:

The Trading Professional

Each of the sites, as well as the vast majority of trading chat room platforms online, are based on an individual. This is the person who makes the live trades you’ll be watching and creates most of the educational material you’ll be using.

There’s no one way to be an efficient trader and teacher. Instead of looking for specific qualities, first I just find a lot of information. Does the trader have an extensive biography on the site? While a financial background is, of course, important, I also like to see some evidence that the person can teach effectively, too.

Simple things like the ability to speak clearly on the microphone, present themselves well on video, and write clear Watch Lists and markets reports are also helpful, too. After all, while the trader’s personal success is important to consider, his ability to articulate his strategies is what’s going to affect my bottom line.

The Chat Room

Is the chat room busy and active? You want enough people to help generate helpful discussion. At the same time, you want to avoid a chat room which is so busy that comments just fly by in a flurry. There’s no definite right answer here. You’ll just need to get a feel for the room. I usually notice the chat room is too busy when there are more than 100 people, but every room is different.

Another important aspect of any chat room is the visual design. Aside from pure aesthetics, how a site looks can affect functionality. Since the chat room is such an important part of the platform, let’s take a deeper look:

What Does the Live Super Trades Chat Room Look Like?

From the dashboard you can access individual chat rooms for each guru. They each have two:

  • the main one used during the trading day and
  • an Off Topic room used when the markets are closed

Here’s a real shot of the chat room during a busy trading day:

supermans day trading chat room

Superman is the green-colored handle “Super_Trades.” The four red names are his hand-picked associates who help with manage the chat room. Finally, the subscribers currently in the room are blue.

How Transparent is Superman?

Some traders claim they’re always making successful trades, but they don’t provide any proof. The network is very much created with total transparency in mind. You’ll see all the moves each trader makes during the trading day – even those end up being the wrong moves. After all, these can be valuable teaching tools.

The gurus all post their trade results. Here’s an example from Superman’s site: trades

What Do the Daily Watchlists Look Like?

Trading success doesn’t just occur during trading hours. Nearly every trading platform will offer some daily communication between the trading pro and the members.

The three most common daily messages are:

  • Video
  • Newsletter
  • Audio

Here’s an example of Superman’s Daily Watchlist.

super alerts watchlist example

These are the view from the dashboard. You can also view Superman’s blog posts through his Super Trades site. Here’s what that looks like:

superman blog roll

The blog posts on the dashboard is more concerned with technical info on the daily market. The posts directly on the Super Trades site are usually related more to general day trading instruction.

The Story of Superman’s Protégé

And, no, I’m not talking about Jimmy Olson.

Superman offers a Millionaire Student trading program. Many online traders offer a one on one training program which promises to help a student meet their financial goals. This involves personal mentoring including a lot of direct communication via the web.

Superman doesn’t just make claims about turning students into millionaires. However – he has a millionaire student.

interview with millionaire student

Matthew “Triforce” Owens is another guru on the network, and a former student of Superman’s training program. Triforce made a million dollars using the same exact system Superman offers right now.

Today, Triforce has found his success running his platform called Triforce Traders, which is also part of the network.

Subscription Plans and Prices

Superman has two subscription plan – SuperAlerts and SuperPRO.

The SuperAlerts plan is $147 a month. This plan includes access to the chat room, a daily pre-market stock Watchlist, real-time mobile alerts and real-time ProfiDing trade alerts.

This is the basic plan, but that’s not meant as a criticism. SuperAlerts has all you need to connect with the daily team of pros and subscribers at Superman Stock Picks. You’ll learn Superman’s trading strategies based on all his experience.

The SuperPRO includes all the tools from the Super Alerts plan plus additional educational material. This includes weekly video lessons, premium research reports, IPO tracker and an earnings tracker. The video lessons are also archived so they can be viewed at any time. SuperPRO is $247 monthly.

Who is Superman?

In this case, not Clark Kent. Paul Scolardi looks like Clark Kent, however, which is where the nickname comes from.

Paul Scolardi

Superman has 17 years of stock trading experience as well as 16 years of experience in Corporate Finance. He’s a CPA, financial educator and was named of the top 10 traders on Twitter.

Aside from his years of experience, Scolardi is known for “his preternatural ability to spot momentum before it appears on nearly any other radar.” I imagine that’s a bit of hyperbole, but he certainly has a lot of experience.

He’s also an accomplished financial educator. Superman has trained over 1,100 people from 30 countries. In fact, one of his students was Matthew “Triforce” Owens.

After taking Superman’s courses and using his methods, Triforce made over $1 million through day trading. That’s when he opened up his own Triforce Trader, another part of the network.

What are Superman’s Strengths?

Superman – well, Superman the trader, at least – has a lot of strengths. Here’s what I see as his main benefits:

  • He has over 15 years of experience both as a trader and an educator. You can train with an actual Wall Street pro from the comfort of your home. As he says on his site, he’s a CPA by trade but a NASDAQ and NYSE stock trader by income.
  • He’s active in the chat rooms. Superman is a friendly guy who seems happy to help. He has extensive experience teaching and uses every day in the trading room to develop at least one useful lesson.
  • His students succeed. In 2014, his top five students earned between $200,000 to $400,000. His most famous student is arguably Triforce, who used Superman’s system to generate over $2 million for penny stocks.

What are Superman’s Weaknesses?

  • Kryptonite. Just kidding.
  • The name. Don’t get me wrong, and I’m a big fan of the original Son of Krypton. But, to be honest, searching the web for Superman Stocks brings up a lot of other results related to the DC character. This site can be a bit hard to find unless you’re looking for it.
  • His daily Watchlists. They’re perfectly serviceable but nothing fantastic. Honestly, I just don’t think they’re a big draw to the site. The site feels far more weighted towards instruction in the chat room instead of through the Watchlists.

Is Superman Stock Picks Worth the Money?

If you’re going to go with a day trader on, Superman is a great choice. He has a solid background of financial experience along with years of teaching experience. Plus, he has a proven track record – including one student, Triforce, who was so successful he created a trading platform of his own!

Personally, I think the prices for both available subscription plans are low enough that you can’t go wrong trying out the service for just a month.

The SuperAlerts plan is just $147. With this plan, you’ll have access to all the core elements of the site. This includes the Chat Room, the most attractive feature, as well as the daily Watchlists and real-time trade alerts.

If you’re new to trading, the $247 per month SuperPRO plan adds a variety of teaching tools. These include weekly video lessons, research reports, and an earnings tracker.

Superman has a big selling point for trading newbies. His former student, Triforce, used these very same strategies to become a millionaire. To me, this is very persuasive argument that the Superman system is worth paying attention to.

I admit, the Superman name and imagery can seem a little unprofessional. Plus, his claim to be able to predict stock trends before anyone else seems a bit outlandish. But I can forgive a little flair for publicity.

At the core of the site is a regular guy – not a superhero – who has a lot of experience in both teaching and trading. If you’re able to be in the chat room each day, you can learn a lot from watching Superman trade in real time. Combined with a low monthly price and an easy-to-access site, and there’s a lot here which a novice or even experienced day trader will like.

Have you tried Superman Stock Picks? Did Superman save the day and help you improve your financial picture? Or did you try the site and find nothing but kryptonite? Share your thoughts in the comments below:

Super Alerts (Superman Stock Picks):Review
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Summary: Can Superman save the financial day? Paul “Superman” Scholardi is a veteran smallcap swing trader, CPA and stock trader superstar. Well respected by many of his peers and competitors. His Super Trades site offers a full chat room where you can watch real-time trades and ask direct questions to Superman and his community of subscribers.

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