Stock Trading Software Reviews

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Benefits of Trading Software

Finding the best trading software that is fit for your trading strategy isn't easy.

We are not talking about Brokers or trading platforms here. Though most brokers do have their own tools and analysis suites built in they are not as powerful as some of the software provided here.

When you get into the realm of intensive stock charting and scanning programs it is time to look into upgrading your old computer.

​Fundamental vs Technical

​The software you choose will depend on whether your strategy uses mostly technical or fundamental indicators. 

A setup like EquityFeed with its level II data and real-time news feeds would be best for a day trader, whereas software that gives access to trends with weekly and monthly indicators, like INO: marketclub would be best for a swing trader.

Software Reviews

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1EquityFeed Workstation

EquityFeed Workstation

EquityFeed provides day traders a great platform to trade off of news, level II information, and ... Read Review

$135Rated 4.5 stars Visit Site
2INO: Marketclub

INO: Marketclub

After using the MarketClub for the trial period (extendable 13 days for $8.95), we’ve noticed ... Read Review

$59Rated 4 stars Visit Site
3Stock Rover

Stock Rover

Stock Rover is a great subscription program for investors that utilize both fundamental and ... Read Review

$250Rated 4 stars Visit Site


Investools is a great website for traders that operate on a 6-12 month timeframe. It does not have ... Read Review

$2000Rated 4 stars Visit Site
5Powertrader Pro

Powertrader Pro

All in all, PowersScan-Pro is a great way to filter stocks that fit one’s strategy. This is great ... Read Review

$250Rated 4 stars Visit Site
6Formula Stocks

Formula Stocks

Historical track records show that Formula Stocks is a great subscription to outperform the S&P 500... Read Review

$50Rated 4 stars Visit Site


VectorVest is a subscriber only stock platform that packs a punch. This standalone platform uses ... Read Review

$59Rated 3.5 stars Visit Site


TradeMiner is different from many other trading platforms because it only provides historical ... Read Review

$97Rated 3.5 stars Visit Site
9Hotstocked Precision

Hotstocked Precision

This product is no longer available and I would not recommend it if it comes back.... Read Review

$Rated 1 stars

Features Of The Best Stock Picking Software