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Stock Rover is a great subscription program for investors that utilize both fundamental and technical signals for trading. The features in Stock Rover makes it an ideal platform for Positions Traders that have their system of filtering through fundamentals and technical to find investment opportunities.

Stock Rover does not provide any trading signals, and it is entirely up to the user to figure out the entry and exit points on their own.

The way to think of Stock Rover is to use it as a Bloomberg-lite where there is an abundance of fundamental information readily available with light charting functions to satisfy intermediate technical analysts. This software is not the program for day-traders due to the lack of real-time news updates and level II information, this may work for Swing Traders if they use fundamentals to find stocks to invest in and use light charting techniques for entry and exits.

A definite benefit of StockRover is its ability to tap into other brokerage accounts, and the linking options are one of the strongest available with hundreds of different brokers linked to StockRover.

Getting Started

main screenshot for stock rover

StockRover signup is easy; the website has two main sections: StockRover Market Summary and StockRover Platform. Investors interested in StockRover can sign up for a basic version of StockRover Platform. There is also a StockRover Premium Platform, and the difference are below:

stock rover features

stock rover features stock rover features

stock rover features

stock rover portfolios mores goodies stock rover

stock rover pricing information

For the purpose of this review, we went with the premium option to see all the capabilities of StockRover. StockRover software is essentially seven pages, Markets, Quotes, News, Earnings Calendar, Ideas, Forums, and finally StockRover.

Markets stock rover markets tab

This page provides high-level information on what happened in the market as well as most recent headlines; this is useful as a home page for basic information such as market performance and market news.


This page is a one-stop shop for almost everything one needs know on an individual stock. For illustration purposes, we used Facebook for the example.

There are five subtabs: Details, Financials, Chart, News, and Peers. subtabs

The details tab has basic company information, chart, and other fundamental metrics.

stock rover performance tab


stock rover description tab

Analyst ratings

stock rover analyst ratings

Analyst estimates

Insider Transaction

Insider Holders

Major holders

As if this isn’t enough, one can also look through company financials including Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Income, Growth, Financial Health, and Profitability.

The balance sheet provides annual or quarterly history going back five years or five quarters. Also, there is a definition tab that defines what each line-item means.

balance tab

Cash Flow page provides an overview of cash movement, and there is also a definition tab for each line-item. Here you also have the function to view trends. One benefit is that Free Cash Flow is calculated for you.

stock rover cash flow tab

Income summary shows everything related to revenue and provides a trend analysis.

Growth shows years over the year and other percentages for revenue, operating income, EPS, dividend, and ranking.

growth tab

Financial Health shows the financial health of the company based on how much debt that have and how likely they are to cover their debt.

stock rover company financial health

Last but not least, Profitability, shows the company’s ability to earn a profit.

stock rover profitability tab


What’s a good stock service without technical analysis? Next tab is a charting function, and it comes with all the basics one wants in a charting software: moving averages, Bollinger bands, MACD, RSI, Money Flow, and Volume. The graphs are not the most high-end technical analysis tool on the market but it serves a purpose and with this much fundamental data, it’s a perfect companion.

charting tab stock rover


News tab provides the latest news from Facebook. The news feeds come from Yahoo, Benzinga, and Google.

stock rover news feed


Peers tab gives all the other company that operates within the same space along with the essential information such as price, return, market cap, 3-month return, 1-year return, dividend yield, sales change, and 3-year sales change.

peers related companies tab

Earnings Calendar

One of the most often overlooked trading events is earning release. There are very few websites that have earnings release calendars built into the platform and to have this is a substantial advantage for StockRover subscribers.

Additionally, there is a ticker list function, and it will show you the earnings release dates for your watchlist.


This page is meant for subscribers to find new trading ideas. This page contains lists like 52-week high, 52-week low, large-cap momentum screener, and mid cap momentum scanner.

In the Featured Investment Article section, one will find particular topics covered by StockRover staff. To the right of this is Rover’s Weekly Brief which is quite useful for a summary and preview.

This covers the basic market summary, and the next section is the premium StockRover tool.

Stock Rover

stock rover premium options

Start from the top left, at the upper left corner is the Start Menu which is a customizable list of all tasks in Stock Rover. Start is a great place to go to initiate all kinds of actions, from setting up stock alerts to creating a screener. Below the Start Menu is the Market Summary, a quick table showing the market’s current gains/losses. Following is Quotes Box, a running list of quotes with current gain/loss information. Here subscribers can add tickers and use this as a watch list. You can also add portfolios and watchlists (just search for them by name in the Add Ticker box). Tickers in the quotes box can also be viewed in the Table for deeper research and comparison. Bottom of the left section is the Navigation Panel which controls the dataset you are viewing in the Table. You can select parent and child items—for example, select “Portfolios” to see whole portfolios compared or select a particular portfolio to see its holdings. In the upper middle section is The Table which is a flexible, interactive spreadsheet. Columns containing financial metrics (over 275 to choose from) are organized into “views,” which are accessible as tabs at the top of the Table. The second half of the middle section is Chart which allows you to visually explore price performance and directly compare different items, such as a ticker, index, portfolio, or screener. Plus it’s loaded with technicals, fundamentals, and other options to help you analyze investments. To the right of StockRover is Insight Panel, a multi-functional panel offering a wide variety of information and tools. The row selected in the Table controls what you see here.

To start, lets dive deeper into the Start function.

Run Screener

Here subscribers can run screener on multiple pre-set screens:

Users can also build their screens. With all the fundamental data available on StockRover, this is a very powerful function that can narrow down on the stocks to put on a watchlist.

build your own screen

Manager Alerts

Here subscribers can add alerts for various tickers and the options are pretty wide ranging:

Alerts can be sent either via email or text.

Watchlist & Portfolio

In reality, these functions are pretty straight forward, tickers can be entered into search fields to monitor stocks. We created a sample portfolio of FB and NFLX and the table view changed greatly from the home page. First, you can see all the fundamental information on FB and NFLX. Additionally, you can choose to view each stock’s profile, performance, current returns, historical returns, returns vs S&P 500, historical valuation, momentum, valuation, dividends, profitability, growth, grades, income statement, and balance sheet. We have examples of all of the views below:


portfolio profile tab


Current returns

current returns

Historical returns

Returns vs S&P 500

Historical valuation







Income statement

Balance sheet

Connecting to Brokerage

One of the features of StockRover is to tap into brokerage accounts to analyze portfolios. The setup is quite simple and there is a broad range of brokers to choose from. These are the main popular ones that are featured:

connect stock rover to your broker

To link your account is as simple as selecting the broker and entering the username and password. Very similar to using Mint or any other FinTech service.


We have sufficiently covered fundamental data in the table’s view up to this point. The next section Charting is just as important for technical investors.

Here there are 5 functions for charting: events, technical, fundamentals, shortcuts, settings.


Here, subscribers can add earnings, splits, dividends, max drawdown, and portfolio activity notations to the chart.





In the technical section, most of these are simple technical tools, this is great for traders that use fundamentals as well as technical though. Most hybrid investors don’t rely on exotic indicators and this is a great selection of technical tools.







While StockRover may not have the best technical tools, fundamentals is a wonderful tool. Subscribers are able to plot P/E, P/S, P/B, D/E, Margins or any other fundamentals underneath the price chart. This is a rare and powerful tool that is not widely available on the web.


dividend adjusted price


Insights is a deeper dive into a specific stock. In this example, we have Facebook. There are six tabs: summary, detail, statements, analysts, news, peers.


The first page is Summary, this is where basics of Facebook can be found and links to third part weblinks can take subscribers to other financial websites for further analysis. The level of fundamental information introduced on this page is far better than other more expensive websites and continues to strengthen the fundamental analysis at StockRover.

company insights

company insights



This page subscribers can find further information on Sales and EPS, Growth, Profitability, and Financial Health. While this may not be as detailed as the presentations under Market Summary, this is still a very strong presentation of company fundamentals.

Sales and EPS



Financial Health


This page has the main financial statements: Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement. This is common in most free websites such as Google Finance.

Income Statement

Balance Sheet

Cash Flow Statement


This is where subscribers will find Analyst information. In particular, how many analysts rate a stock a buy, hold, or sell. This is also useful during earnings season to see what the target is as well as what analysts are expecting in earnings.

Subscribers can use ratings to find analyst ratings

analyst ratings

On the other hand, Estimates may be more useful to see what the market expects of a particular stock and one can see the earnings trends.

earnings estimates


This is where subscribers can find the latest news on a particular stock.

recent stock news tab


Peers page is useful for a competitive analysis of companies in the same space.

For illustrative purposes we loaded all the peers from Facebook and ranked them based on 1 day performance. There are many other ways to rank, such as Growth Grade, 52-Week Range, P/E, and Dividend Yield.

companies peers

Stock Rover Software Review
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Stock Rover

Summary: Stock Rover is a great subscription program for investors that utilize both fundamental and technical signals for trading. The features in Stock Rover makes it an ideal platform for Positions Traders that have their system of filtering through fundamentals and technical to find investment opportunities.

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