Fous Alerts Review: Alerts Package

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Brief Introduction:

The ”Alerts” package from Fousalerts is one of several packages sold by the web based company. It is a tool targeted towards day traders. Ideally, it helps its users to identify advantageous, profit generating stock trades. It attempts to do this by offering a live chatroom, trade alerts, and carefully selected watch lists. However, admittedly by founder Cameron Fous, it is only one of many tools needed; the alerts package alone will not provide a user with everything needed to be a successful day trader. The alerts package is sold as a monthly membership for $147 per month. The following is a review and description of the service that is intended to help potential users determine whether or not the alerts package would be beneficial to them. Please note, this is a separate product from Fousalerts’ training courses and those courses are not reviewed in this article.

Target users:

DAY TRADERS. It is mentioned above, but to be clear, this product is specifically for day traders. The alerts package from Fousalerts will have little usability for long term investors. In fact, the word “invest” is mentioned only a few times throughout the entirety of his website. Therefore, true investors, or those interested in real investing should steer clear. Fousalerts’ intent is to aid its users in generating income through high volume day trading.

Items included:

The alerts package is the most basic product that Fousalerts sells. It is marketed as being made up of three components:

  • Trading with a pro-trader
  • Access to a live chatroom for traders
  • Real-time alerts through text message or email

However, Fousalerts fails to include a major component of the service in the product description for the alerts membership: watch lists (more below).

The undermentioned Watch Lists:

The alerts package includes access to two professional traders’ watch lists, each a list of 5-10 stocks. This is a list of stocks that the service recommends traders keep an eye on because of an observed trading pattern that, under the Fous theory, can be profited on if entered and exited at precise points. The founder of the service, Cameron Fous, updates his watch list daily. The other watch list is composed by some “Big Mike,” who apparently works for Fousalerts as well, probably as support for Fous himself.

fous watch list

As seen above, the watch list is composed of the named ticker, a historical trading graph, as well as a very short description as to why it is included on their list. It is accessible by hovering the cursor over the members drop down menu; one link for Fous’s list and another for Big Mike’s watch list.

It is not quite clear why Fousalerts chooses not to advertise this portion of the product on any of the description pages. Fous himself, in an introductory video, claims that his watch list is “one of the single most valuable parts” of his alerts package.

The chatroom:

The live chatroom is another trademark of the alerts service. Below are real screenshots of the chatrooms. Here, users can see messages from the two administrators, Fous and Big Mike, as well as messages from other users. Most of the messages in the chatroom are courteous “heads ups” because someone sees a trend in a particular stock.

Stocks are identified in the chatroom as being in orange type and are written as a dollar sign followed by the ticker; $XYZ, for instance. Additionally, placing the cursor over the ticker will open a pop-up of the stock’s trading graph.

To the left of the main chat is a list of alerts called out. Alerts are signals to buy, add, sell, or short a certain stock. Occasionally there is the “radar” alert, which essentially just means to keep a close eye on said stock. On the opposing right, users find a list of all the active users online at the moment. Interestingly, users have the ability to send a private message to any of the users as well.

chatroom screenshot

text message alerts

Text Message Alerts

Pictured above is an example of the alerts that subscribers receive via SMS. Cameron Fous sends out anywhere from 5 to 15 per day, closer to 5 on most days. The alerting text messages are pretty straight forward. Keep in mind though, if you are a true day trader that exchanges high volumes, by the time you react to these messages it may be too late. They should not be your sole reliance of information.

Isn’t there some “member’s area?”

Yes, but barely. The member’s home page after users log in is quite underwhelming for alerts package subscribers. The only real substance on this page is introductory videos regarding the package itself and a quick guide for the chatroom. Fousalerts should push these videos to a side bar and make the watch list page the default screen after login.

Notable advantages:

  1. Access to watch lists

As mentioned above, the two watch lists included in this Fousalerts packages are of great value. The stocks on these list are ones that Fous and his team have identified as potential money makers. The lists are updated daily and are relatively descriptive. It is recommended that users review these lists before trading opens and watch each stock for recognizable trends.

  1. Decent customer support

Fousalert’s website has multiple options for support if users are experiencing issues or in the event that subscribers (or potential ones) have unanswered questions. Fous’s FAQ page actually has a good supply of useful information. If that does not provide enough material, you can live chat with a specialist or call the customer service line.

  1. The community

In the chatroom specifically, there is a great community. There is no tolerance for harassment or taunting. Users truly try to help each other. Having a designated area to discuss stock trading in real time and at high frequency is a major asset to both users and to Fousalerts.

  1. The learning experience

This one could go without mention, but it is important to realize. Even if the Fousalerts program isn’t for you, the things you observed will help you to determine what works for you. Something can be taken away from every experience.


  1. Informality

To some it is no big deal, but the informality from Cameron Fous and other users is significant. Numerous type errors are present in the chatroom and in text message alerts, and some are even present on his website.

  1. Lack of organization

Especially in the chatroom. While there are some tools to make identification of components easier, there should be more. Looking at the chatroom holistically, it feels messy. There should also be more organization present on the website. The stationary banner at the top of the page and the popups at the bottom don’t leave much room for the actual webpage, especially if users are working from a laptop.

  1. The advertisement

Cameron Fous is a businessman. He is trying to sell a product, and he is trying very hard. Fousalerts sends out multiple emails per day that attempt to upsell lower level memberships to higher, more expensive ones. In the members’ area of the alerts package, users see numerous advertisements for Fous’s CDs or premium packages.

  1. The nature of the beast

Of day trading, that is. By nature, day trading is quick and requires that positions be entered into and exited from in extremely specific occurrences. What is the point to an alert service if your position is already gone by the time you receive the alert? Luckily, there are other components to the Fousalerts service.

  1. The price

$147 per month is a lot of money. Almost $2,000 a year, in fact. However, Fous claims that if you use his product correctly, you should earn enough to make up for the cost and keep a profit.

Is it worth the money?

Fousalerts is only a good value under certain circumstances. These circumstances are:

  • You are a day trader. (Or you have educated yourself substantially into becoming a day trader).
  • You have sufficient funds to execute high volume trades.
  • You lack the time or knowledge to produce your own watch lists daily.
  • You are not subscribed to any other stock alert service geared towards day trading.

Yes, there are only 4 major criteria for determining whether or not one should purchase this service. If even one of these does not match your situation, you should either adjust said circumstance to better meet these criteria or consider other services.


The alerts package from Fousalerts is a unique community of day traders. While membership is a bit pricey, there are many benefits to being a subscriber. The live chatroom is a friendly forum that allows users bounce ideas off one another and exchange information. It is also helpful that alerts can be sent straight to your phone; this allows almost constant access to data from Fous. The most valuable item in the package, however, is access to professionals’ watch lists. With such a myriad of stocks available to trade, it is difficult to select a handful to focus on. Essentially, Fous and Big Mike have done this for the user, which is a major advantage.

The most important thing to remember when considering whether or not to purchase this package is that it is mainly a tool for existing day traders. If you are new to day trading, the alerts package from Fousalerts will not suffice in making you successful. That being said, if you are already familiar with the trade and are looking for a supplement to your existing implements, the Fousalerts Alerts package, for $147 per month, may suit you very well.

Leave a review if you have used Cameron Fous’s service.

Fous Alerts Review: Alerts Package
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