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Jeff Williams seems to be quite new to this And I would rather take a wait and see attitude. Both moderators and other subscribers help create an atmosphere of learning and mutual assistance towards better trades. The site design, including the fast-paced chat room, is easy to navigate and use.

PennyPro has a slightly different emphasis than the typical stock day trading platform. They focus on stocks which range in price from $.001 to $5.00, where the trader captures momentum between 10 and 25%. They also offer a wide range of educational materials, real-time alerts and three to five swing trades per month.

Whether you’re new to the world of online penny stock trades or an old pro looking for a reliable platform, PennyPro provides a wide array of services. But is this penny stock platform worth your time? My two cents – and my complete, in-depth review – are below:

Services Offered

Here are the major services offered to Penny Pro members:

Live Day Trading Chat Room

Real-time, live trading chat open to all subscribers and moderated by a PennyPro day trading expert. Include live trades, enter and exit alerts, and full audio. Here’s how the chat room is organized:

Educational Content

Designed for traders of all skill levels, PennyPro’s Video Lessons are divided into three sections. Step 1 is for beginners. Step 2 is more users who have completed the lessons in the previous Step. Finally, Step 3 is for veteran traders (or those who completed Steps 1 and 2) who want charting tips and candle patterns. Each step has about 10 lessons lasting between 10 and 15 minutes.


Webinars are organized in the same “3 Step” fashion as the education videos. Each webinar is about one hour long. They’re conducted in the site’s chat room, where members can work together to clarify issues in real-time and otherwise understand the information.

Mentor Program

These five training videos are designed specifically for users new to day trading in general. You’ll learn industry terms, how to execute a trade and even how to pick a broker. Each program is about an hour long.

SuperNova University

I’m very impressed with this unique PennyPro feature. SuperNova is a proactive teaching tool which actually tests what you know. Consisting of six semesters with five videos each, you’ll be given a 10 question exam every few lessons. This lets you clearly establish what aspects of trading you know and what areas you need to continue to work on.

Here’s one SuperNova course, which includes a video and PDF:

The Stock Chat Room

The Stock Chat Room is where you’re going to spend a fair amount of time. After all, this is where you’ll be hopefully earning money. Here’s a shot of an active PennyPro trading room:

The left hand column shows all the subscribers currently in the room. You can click on each name to send the member a private message, mute them or read a brief biography (if they’ve filled that section out).

Next there’s a General Chat section. Users are limited to discussing trades and other relevant financial subjects. At least, that’s how the rules are. After spending some time in the Stock Chat Room, I noticed that some of the regulars do stray a bit off-topic to discuss their personal lives. There is an overall friendly, non-toxic atmosphere among the members.

The large box shows a real-time ticker of the stock buys, exits and strategy decisions from the PennyPro professionals. This lets you watch the trading unfold live. You can sort by “New Highs,” “New Lows” and “Price Breakouts.”

Company and Team Overview

This one is a bit tricky. Unlike most of the other online trading platforms I’ve reviewed, PennyPro doesn’t seem to publish a ton of information about their team.

Copy throughout the site refers to resident trade expert Jeff Williams. There’s virtually no biographical info on Jeff anywhere on the site, however. A Google search suggest Jeff was very recently promoted to the head of PennyPro, replacing former Head Trader Steve LeBlanc.

Hopefully the lack of on-site info about Jeff Williams is a temporary issue due to his recent promotion. Considering the importance the team leader has when advising subscribers throughout the trading day, I’d feel more comfortable knowing a few details about Jeff Williams.

The actual “learn to trade” information presented on the site and in the videos is valid. The lack of company bio doesn’t seem to negatively affect the quality of videos and other information available to learn from. I discuss the Education Resources further down.

PennyPro lists two offices on their website:

They list an office in the US and another in France, both with phone numbers. Of course, the lack of an address certainly isn’t the ideal situation. While I understand the business is entirely virtual, I’d still appreciate a more concrete listing as to where they’re located.

Price Plans and Subscription Services

There are three price plans. The Beginner Pack is $149 for a one month subscription. The “Most Popular Pack” is a three month subscription for $249. Finally, their “Best Value Pack” is a one-year membership for $799.

Here are the complete details:

As you can see, the main difference between the three subscription packages is the length of membership and a few DVDs. The main features, such as the Live Day Trading Room and the Video Library, are for subscribers of every level

They also offer a PennyPro Elite package:

The Elite package gets you everything PennyPro offers. This includes their complete package of day trading instructional DVDs, which I explain more about below. The downside is the high price. I believe most traders will get what they need from one of the plans above, and can safely skip the Pro Elite plan.

Education Resources Available to Subscribers

As mentioned above, the amount of educational content is a big selling point for PennyPro. They offer:

  • Regular, hour-long webinars with live chat (roughly one every two months)
  • About 15 Video Lessons organized into three categories based on previous experience. Each lesson is about 15 minutes long.
  • About five hours of Mentor videos designed to introduce new users to day trading
  • 30 SuperNova University video courses.

There’s a wealth of content to read, watch and explore. I was especially impressed at the organization structure with the Steps. If you’re new to penny stock day trading, the lessons can start right at the beginning. But if you already have a handle on what you’re doing, you can skip straight to the latest information.

This is the only day trading platform I’ve found which offers exams. While the idea of exams might not sound appealing, I actually liked them a lot. There’s no class to fail, public posting of your grade or anything weird like that.

Instead, the exam lets you zero in on the subjects you don’t know much about. I’m an experienced day trader, so I like to think I know what I’m doing. But it can be easy to forget aspects of the industry over time.

There’s another section of educational material which is sold separately. These are their DVD’s:

While the information in the DVDs certainly has value, I personally think most traders will be able to learn quite a bit from the videos, webinar and other lessons already available. That’s probably enough information to start with. I’d recommend the DVDs only if you’re having lots of problems understanding Penny Stock trading.

Member Support Areas

You can send a private message to the PennyPro team from within the chat room during the trading day, but I wouldn’t expect a very timely response. After all, the trading day can be fast and furious!

Members can also contact the team using a special Member Support form. Here’s what that looks like:

I made up a fictional problem involving my password, just to test their response time. I got a friendly, helpful reply within 24 hours. This was on a Thursday during normal trading times.


  • Stock Chat Room – Well designed and easy to read in a glance. Clear color combinations make identifying Moderators and Subscribers a snap, even when lots of information is scrolling past.
  • Subscriber Community – Strict moderation keeps everyone on topic. Community is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.
  • Unique Teaching Tools – Along with their video lessons and frequent webinars, PennyPro’s unique SuperNova University lets you identify what types of day trading information you might need to learn more about.


  • Lack of Biographic Information – The virtual nature of day trading means it can be done by anyone from anywhere. Plus, the PennyPro team in the Chat Room seems extremely well-informed about day trading.

Having said that, I’m still concerned about the lack of biographies available on the website. This could just be a temporary situation due to an apparent transition in primary ownership, however.

  • Too Many Resources for Intermediate Users – If you’re brand new to day trading, learning from PennyPro is pretty easy. You simply start at Step 1 in the education resources and go from there. Or you can start with the first video of the SuperNova.

But what if you already have some experience with online day trading? Then finding the right lessons becomes a little trickier. If you start with Step 3 materials, you might miss something useful in Step 2. Then again, you might waste a lot of time in Step 2 wading through tips you already know.

There’s plenty of great information available, but experienced users might have to search around a bit first. Fortunately, the resource section is cleanly designed and well organized.

Is PennyPro Worth the Money?

For about $149 a month, you can have access to PennyPro’s entire library of resources including their real-time chat room. These types of day trading platforms can be pretty pricey. So if you’re new to day trading, don’t be shocked. PennyPro’s prices are actually on the low end of the industry.

But PennyPro isn’t for every type of online day trader.

I recommend PennyPro for online day traders who

  • are interested in learning more about online day trading by watching videos and attending webinars
  • want to use regular coursework and “exams” to measure their knowledge
  • like a friendly, but on-topic, atmosphere of other day traders to interact with during the trading day

I don’t recommend PennyPro for online day traders who

  • are primarily interested in connecting with well-known day trading personalities
  • are already very experienced in the world of day trading
  • aren’t interested in learning by watching videos


PennyPro is a solid, reliable option for all day traders – and I’d even consider it a great option for those new to day trading. The videos, frequent webinars and even the virtual university all provide many options to learn. The chat room is well designed, and with a bit of practice even new traders will be able to understand the fast-paced trading action as it unfolds in real time. Plus, the price of $149 for a month is on the low side, and a one month subscription is plenty of time to see what the platform has to offer without making a huge financial commitment.

If you’re a member of PennyPro or have otherwise used any of the feature on the platform, share your experience with us in the comments below:

PennyPro: Live Trading Review
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Penny Pro

Summary: Jeff Williams seems to be quite new to this And I would rather take a wait and see attitude. Both moderators and other subscribers help create an atmosphere of learning and mutual assistance towards better trades. The site design, including the fast-paced chat room, is easy to navigate and use.

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