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One time payment keeps this newsletter from caring if you benefit long term from the information. This service is more along the lines of a simple penny stock picking service.

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The Penny Stock Prophet makes some seriously impressive claims.

Their advertising copy, both on their website and around the Internet, states that subscribers to their online newsletter can make between 50% and 250% back on the penny stocks they recommend.

Naturally, I didn’t want to take them solely by their word without first exploring their newsletter service for myself. So I dove right in, personally using the service created by James Connelly, the brains behind the Prophet.

Below is my complete review of the Penny Stock Prophet. I cover its features, pros, cons, and much more.

Who is Penny Stock Prophet for?

james connelly

The Penny Stock Prophet is for anyone interested in trading penny stocks.

It’s particularly well suited for those new to penny stock trading as well as those that want expert guidance.

The key component of this online newsletter is a series of weekly recommendations. These picks cover which penny stocks to buy and sell for that week as well as what price to sell at.

In this way, the Penny Stock Prophet is a great choice for those that want to dive into penny stock trading without doing all the legwork themselves.

James Connelly’s weekly picks can bring you success at trading penny stocks even as a beginner.

Yet what’s really beneficial about the Penny Stock Prophet is that the online newsletter outlines the process behind selecting each of the stocks.

The newsletter details exactly why each stock was chosen. And breaks down the selection process so that it’s incredibly easy to understand.

For this reason, the Penny Stock Prophet is also a solid choice for those who already know their way around penny stock trading, but who also want to up their chances of overall success.

Top Features of Penny Stock Prophet

proof of penny stock wins

The Penny Stock Prophet simply packs in the features.

For an incredibly reasonable one-time fee of $97, you receive access to all of these features for life. That’s right – pay once and you continue to receive the newsletter for as long as it’s in existence.

The program is designed from the ground up to provide you with the same sort of success James Connelly himself experienced when he first started trading.

His research, suggestions, and picks are all geared towards helping you find penny stock breakouts that will perform very well in the future.

The goal of his picks is to help you achieve the greatest profit possible. He looks at numerous factors, including the type of business each company is involved in, to gauge their long-term likelihood of success.

Of course, you must go into the Penny Stock Prophet knowing that success isn’t immediate. It takes a while for penny stocks, even the most successful ones, to start accruing big money.

Connelly, like most penny stock experts, tends to focus on startup companies. These are the ones with the lowest prices for an initial investment. However, many startups boom down the line, leading to huge returns.

My favorite feature of the Penny Stock Prophet is its focus on education. Each newsletter outlines exactly why each stock was selected.

Not only does this help you feel more confident in buying or selling the suggested stocks, but it also teaches you the skills you need to trade penny stocks on your own in the future.

What I Like About the Penny Stock Prophet

testimonials of penny prophet

The Penny Stock Prophet has quite a few high points. A few of these stick out above the others.

My favorite aspects of this online newsletter include:

  • One-Time Payment – You receive lifetime access to the Penny Stock Prophet with a single one-time payment of $97.
  • Free Trial Period – Test out this newsletter for free for up to two weeks. In addition, Connelly offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Long-Term Success – The picks outlined in the Penny Stock Prophet are geared towards generating income in the long-term rather than the short-term.
  • Educational Materials – Subscribing not only gets you access to the online newsletter, it also gives you total access to the website as well. A variety of educational materials can be found here.

What I Don’t Like About the Penny Stock Prophet

Like almost all investing newsletters, the Penny Stock Prophet has a handful of negatives. Look at these in conjunction with your personal needs to decide if the service is still for you.

My least favorite aspects of this online newsletter include:

  • No Risk for Connelly – Connelly makes money from Penny Stock Prophet no matter what. It doesn’t matter if his picks are sometimes wrong (for his bottom line).
  • Exaggerated Claims – Like a lot of penny stock newsletters, the advertising copy for Penny Stock Prophet has exaggerated claims that you’ll make millions. While this might be possible for some, it’s not going to happen for most.
  • Similar to Others – Nothing really sets this online newsletter apart from the rest. The picks are usually great, but I’ve found that they are successful about the same percent of the time as other services.

Is the Penny Stock Prophet Worth the Money?

turn 1000 into 1 million

The Penny Stock Prophet is worth the money depending on your individual needs and preferences.

The service is best suited for those that:

  • Don’t actually want to learn how to trade and just want picks
  • Are interested in penny stocks.
  • Don’t mind about starting small.
  • Want to make a one-time payment and then receive the newsletter for life.

If you meet these characteristics, then there’s a good chance the Penny Stock Prophet is the right choice for you.

Final Thoughts

James Connelly has claimed to have experienced an impressive amount of success trading penny stocks.

His claim to fame is turning $1,000 into six figures with just 38 trades. His Penny Stock Prophet newsletter aims to give beginning traders the know-how to replicate this remarkable feat.

As mentioned above, the likelihood of this happening is slim. Yet that doesn’t mean this service isn’t worth the money.

Even Tim Sykes says he is a stock pumper in this post.  If you don’t know about stock pumping or promoting take some time to learn about this and protect yourself.

Rate this service for yourself below or leave a comment.

Penny Stock Prophet Review
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Penny Stock Prophet

Summary: One time payment keeps this newsletter from caring if you benefit long term from the information. This service is more along the lines of a simple penny stock picking service.

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