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Tim Sykes has a large presence and I would recommend one of his other channels over this one. A large amount of upsells and aggressive marketing.

penny stock conspiracy

Penny stocks are surprisingly often overlooked.

The reason for this is that many investors prefer to invest in stocks from companies that are already clear winners, like Apple and Microsoft.

Yet these top-performing stocks cost loads of money upfront. That’s where penny stocks enter the picture.

Penny stocks are very cheap because they’re stocks from startup companies. Yet if you pick the right companies to invest in with penny stocks, you can stand to make some serious dough in the future.

Online newsletters like Penny Stock Conspiracy are designed to help newcomers to penny stock trading buy and sell the right stocks each week.

So how does Penny Stock Conspiracy stack up against the competition? My review below covers everything you need to know before selecting this particular investment newsletter.

Who is Penny Stock Conspiracy for?

tim sykes penny stock program

Honestly, Penny Stock Conspiracy is perfect for anyone with an interest in becoming a more successful penny stock trader.

With that said, it’s definitely geared more towards beginners. The newsletter breaks down penny stock trading in great detail so it’s easy for beginners to learn from.

Yet intermediate and even advanced traders should also be able to benefit from Penny Stock Conspiracy. The great detail at which founder, Timothy Sykes, goes into each week means that even experienced traders will learn a thing or two from each newsletter.

The goal of Penny Stock Conspiracy is to provide a weekly list of picks for the best stocks to buy or sell. It also outlines what price you should sell these stocks at.

Furthermore, thanks again to the detailed analysis of each week’s pick, the Penny Stock Conspiracy is a great tool for beginning traders to use to learn more about investing as a whole.

Top Features of Penny Stock Conspiracy

15 year old track record

Timothy Sykes has found a secret formula of sorts for buying and selling penny stocks.

With detailed research and analysis, he is able to pinpoint which stocks are popular enough to buy for cheap and then sell for a big profit quickly. He specifically targets those that can be bought and sold before they reach a plateau.

For this reason, one of the key features of Penny Stock Conspiracy is that it targets startup companies in their early stages. These are businesses with cheap stocks that are the most likely to blow up.

Interestingly, Timothy Sykes encourages his online newsletter subscribers to bet against the market with penny stocks. Unlike many other penny stock investors, he says you should sell when prices are going up and buy when they’re low.

So what exactly do you get when you sign up for Penny Stock Conspiracy? The most important feature is the Trade Alert Toolbar.

This allows you to see which stocks Sykes recommends in real time. The toolbar integrates with the most popular browsers to provide 24/7 investment information.

The weekly online newsletter, available by email and in the members-only section of the website, breaks down the top recommended picks of the week.

Yet another feature of Penny Stock Conspiracy is the members-only educational content. You receive a copy of Sykes’s bestselling book as well as access to his members-only blog.

Both resources aim to teach you the tactics needed to make decisions involving the penny stock market yourself.

What I Like About Penny Stock Conspiracy

investment strategies

There’s a lot of high points to Timothy Sykes’s penny stock service. You should consider all of these before deciding upon Penny Stock Conspiracy.

The top pros of this newsletter include:

  • Penny Stock Expert – Founder Timothy Sykes is a world-renowned penny stocks trading expert.
  • Extremely Affordable – At just a single $47 one-time payment, Penny Stock Conspiracy is one of the cheapest penny stock newsletters available.
  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee – Get your money back for up to 8 weeks if you’re not entirely satisfied with the service.
  • Easy to Use – Even first-timers will easily be able to understand the information outlined in each weekly newsletter.
  • Extensive Educational Resources – Penny Stock Conspiracy comes with arguably more educational resources than any other penny stock newsletter. These include Sykes’s book, a members-only blog, and numerous videos.

What I Don’t Like About Penny Stock Conspiracy

Even a top-quality penny stock service usually has its setbacks. This holds true for Penny Stock Conspiracy.

The top cons of this newsletter include:

  • Online Only – I would’ve liked to receive the included book and videos in hardcopy form, but this isn’t much a negative when you consider the time we live in.
  • Sign with Broker – Sykes requires you to sign up with a broker before using his newsletter. Once again, this isn’t much of a setback given the fact he recommends his favorite broker and includes 30 free trades.
  • Murky Results – Results aren’t guaranteed with Penny Stock Conspiracy (despite what the ad copy might have you believe). Everyone will experience different levels of success.

Is Penny Stocks Conspiracy Worth the Money?

instant access

Penny Stocks Conspiracy isn’t for everyone. Yet it’s certainly the right choice for a good percentage of people.

The key to figuring out whether Penny Stocks Conspiracy is worth the money for you is to consider exactly what you want out of your newsletter.

The service is best suited for those that:

  • Want to make up for any prior losses.
  • Want to pick the brain of an expert trader.
  • Are interested in trading penny stocks for the first time.
  • Don’t mind waiting for long-term results.
  • Don’t want to put in the time to analyze different penny stocks by themselves.

It’s also important to remember that you essentially receive a free 60-day Penny Stock Conspiracy trial. If you’re not happy with your results during that time frame, you’re able to receive all your money back.

Final Thoughts

Penny Stock Conspiracy is a decent service through and through.

Though it will much more than likely bring you the results you desire, there’s not necessarily anything that sets it apart from the competition.

It’s a great service with a great track record yet there are quite a few other services out there that are very similar to it.

Penny Stock Conspiracy
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Penny Stock Conspiracy

Summary: Tim Sykes has a large presence and I would recommend one of his other channels over this one. A large amount of upsells and aggressive marketing.

RatingRated 3 stars

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