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Investors are always on the look for information: Information about the market flow, penny stocks, the money market, company stock, stock prices, risk-free investments, recent events that may have a positive or negative effect on their respective stocks and any means to keep up-to-date with what’s going on. In the world of investment, being updated can easily define your next educated move which can be vital for the success of your plans.


There are several websites, such as Yahoo Finance and Google Finance in which you can get a live feedback on the ups and downs of the market, but it’s important to choose well. A reliable source of financial information is mandatory to ensure you’re not making any mistakes at the moment of investing. Your source of information should have a good reputation just by offering its services.

So, what are some of the most important characteristics of a good platform to get news about the financial world? Here are some of the most successful:


·   Clean, simple, and intuitive UI (User Interface): Knowing your way around means you can get to those desired bits of information in a flash, which ensures faster decision making.

·   Reliability: A good website devoted to the stock market possesses reliable information and the proper means to show it, such as a well-defined and exact historical information about each stock and real-time updates.

·   User Reviews: It is always important to have your own opinion about a matter or a service and, in the end, you can only truly judge a service through your own experience. However, the critics from other users greatly have an impact on the reputation of a service and often show what this service has or lacks. Also, don’t forget the other users are investors are just like you—some maybe even more experienced.

So having these characteristics in mind, we can decide which is the best website in which to have a portfolio. We are going to talk about a popular platform called MSN Money.

MSN Money is a free Microsoft platform or HUB for financial information. As the website presents itself: It offers the possibility to be informed about real-time stock quotes, tools, calculators, and other handy gadgets for your financial needs.

We are going to go through the three aspects mentioned above to break down the features of this Microsoft product:

User Interface

This is what MSN Money’s homepage looks like. It’s pretty straightforward, showing financial news, trending stock-related searches, and some of the most important stocks right off the bat.

The website offers a number of tabs which you can navigate according to your needs and interests:

Investing: In this tab, you will find news about the trending stocks, articles, and guides on how to invest and miscellaneous information on investment.

Personal Finance: In this tab, you can find articles on ways to make the best of your money, tips on handling money efficiently and general day-to-day related financial information.

Real Estate: Find out news and tips about home acquiring and improvement.

Careers: News and blog articles on education and job finding.

Small Business: Learn about loans and how to start a business.

Mortgages: Use this tool to calculate mortgage rates.

Credit Cards: Find out information about the best credit cards (depending on the type you need) to apply to.

These two last tabs might be a little sluggish depending on your Internet connection.

Now let’s check out the most important tabs of the website:


It is a straight-to-the-point option that presents you with a summary of the market. Here you can choose your preferred stock, check a complete historical data, and compare it with other stocks. This is the go-to area for when you just need to know what’s going with your stocks. This tool is simple to use but might be confusing for beginners; nevertheless, it offers sound information.

My Watchlist

By signing up for free, you can save and arrange a customized portfolio with your favorite stocks so you can further keep track of your investments. This option is available both for desktop and mobile.


This is perhaps what contains some of the most important features of MSN Money. In this tab, you can find some tools such as a savings calculator, a value of asset calculator, a retirement planner, and a handy stock screener. These tools can aid your plan the best approach for your future plans.

User Interface summary: Overall, the website offers a simple look, easy on the eye and spreads its functions in an easy manner—it’s easy to find what you’re looking for even though sometimes it might prove the opposite for new users. The charts and timelines offer sound information and they are easy to read.


When we talk about reliability we refer to how trustworthy is the information given by the website. MSN Money is a Microsoft product, which means it is generally safe to use. However, does this mean the stock data provided is correct and up to date?

MSN Money outsources its stock data from a company named MorningStar Inc.

MorningStar has a great reputation of offering a comprehensive research service to aid investors with reliable ratings and updated stock information. The company has been in existence for over 10 years and it has proved to be strong among the investors’ community.

Reliability summary: MSN Money has a great source backing up its data, maybe keeping it on par with other services such as Yahoo Finances.

User Reviews

Despite being a Microsoft product, MSN Money doesn’t seem to have that much popularity among investors. User experience and reviews on this service are scarce. Some users express that its competitors offer the same options and better, while other users state that some of its tools (such as the stock screener) are exceptional and its interface is simple enough to get around,

Overall Review: MSN Money proves to have great tools for calculation and great information for basic users. It offers a wide range of articles on how to improve your personal finances and other daily life aspects related to money. The stock information shown is solid and with a good source. The user interface is simple. However, it is not the most popular in the investors’ community when it comes to trading.

It’s a good idea to test all the services out there and have more than one portfolio to see what fits your trading needs best. Check out MSN Money and find out if it fits you.

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