Best Stock Picking Service Reviews

These are not regular stock market newsletters, but full-fledged services that provide stock picks, a trading community, and educational materials.

On this page you will find services that offer most of the following features.

  • Stock picking alerts
  • Live Trading Chat Rooms
  • Watch Lists
  • Educational materials (not all)

Who should sign up for one of these services?

  • This is not for someone looking to save money or invest their money for small returns.
  • These are for people who are looking to actively trade stocks and make at least a part time income from their profits.
  • If you want to find high-quality low-priced stock picks ​without being chained to your computer all day then your the right candidate.
1Jason Bond Picks

Jason Bond Picks

*This is the only service that I actively use myself. Former public school teacher Jason Bond is ... Read Review

$133Rated 5 stars Visit Site
2Penny Pro

Penny Pro

Jeff Williams seems to be quite new to this And I would rather take a wait and see attitude. Both ... Read Review

$149Rated 4 stars Visit Site
3Superman Stock Alerts

Superman Stock Alerts

Can Superman save the financial day? Paul “Superman” Scholardi is a veteran smallcap swing ... Read Review

$147Rated 4 stars Visit Site
4Watch Him Trade: Live Trading

Watch Him Trade: Live Trading

The live trading subscription from grants its users access to a real-time stream ... Read Review

$99Rated 3.5 stars Visit Site
5Investors Underground

Investors Underground

One of the most important parts of any online day trading service is the team behind it. Led by ... Read Review

$197Rated 3.5 stars Visit Site
6MIcrocap Millionaires

MIcrocap Millionaires

Microcap Millionaires is a solid choice for a penny stock and microcap stock trading newsletter. It... Read Review

$97Rated 3.5 stars Visit Site
7Timothy Sykes

Timothy Sykes

Timothy Sykes is a well know if not abrasive personality and penny stock trader. His ... Read Review

$75Rated 3.5 stars Visit Site
8Warrior Trading

Warrior Trading

Warrior Trading offers a real-time day trading chat room, training courses, live classroom sessions ... Read Review

$149Rated 3 stars Visit Site
9Great Stock Pix

Great Stock Pix

The Great Stock Pix website offers a live trading chat room in which members become part of a team ... Read Review

$199Rated 3 stars Visit Site
10Bulls On Wall Street

Bulls On Wall Street

Bulls on Wall Street is built from the ground up to teach you to trade – regardless of your ... Read Review

$99Rated 3 stars Visit Site
11Clay Trader

Clay Trader

Clay used to trade on emotion and he lost almost everything because of it. He was able to rebound ... Read Review

$Rated 3 stars Visit Site
12Breakpoint Trades

Breakpoint Trades

Breakpoint Trades has a lot of investment services including daily and weekly newsletters. Each ... Read Review

$300Rated 3 stars Visit Site
13Penny Stock Conspiracy

Penny Stock Conspiracy

Tim Sykes has a large presence and I would recommend one of his other channels over this one. A ... Read Review

$47Rated 3 stars Visit Site
14Ricks Picks

Ricks Picks

Rick’s Picks is a smaller online day trading platform with a bit more personality than the average... Read Review

$47Rated 2.5 stars Visit Site
15Penny Stock Egghead

Penny Stock Egghead

Most people can benefit from the Penny Stock Expert. Beginners, in particular, should be able to use... Read Review

$97Rated 2.5 stars Visit Site
16Connor Bruggemann

Connor Bruggemann

Honestly, I think that picked up Connor only because of the large amount of press he had ... Read Review

$147Rated 2.5 stars Visit Site
17Will Stockpicks

Will Stockpicks

Will Stockpicks is one of many stock picking services. I don't see a whole lot to recommend will ... Read Review

$47Rated 2 stars Visit Site
18Millennium Traders

Millennium Traders

Millennium Traders offers a wide variety of Chat Room and Training Tools for traders of every skill ... Read Review

$299Rated 1 stars Visit Site
19Penny Stock Prophet

Penny Stock Prophet

One time payment keeps this newsletter from caring if you benefit long term from the information. ... Read Review

$97Rated 1 stars Visit Site

The Service I use

The service that I use myself is Jason Bond Picks​ (read full review).

Jason offers three services that are tailored to what you want to accomplish. I use the day and swing trading service.

Day And Swing Trading

Set up for someone that is looking for stock picks and a connection with an active trading community. Trade part time or follow and active day trader.

Long Term Trading

Ideal for someone who wants to trade but doesn't have the time during the day for swing or day trading.

Millionaire Roadmap

One on One mentoring from Jason Bond with access to all of his other services. A premium service for serious traders who want an edge.

become a better trader in 90 days

still lots of reviews in progress.

Benefits of Joining Stock Trading Chat Rooms

Unlike stock trading newsletters that only issue periodic informational articles on a weekly or monthly basis; services that offer chat rooms are a real-time glimpse into a professionals trades.


The best Mentors will have full transparency of their trades whether they did well or not. Some of the better Traders (like Jason Bond) share a live feed to their broker accounts letting you watch in real-time as they scan the markets and place trades. 

​Chat Rooms

live chat rooms with (depending on the size) a mix of new and experienced traders with a handful of moderators (usually employees) and a head moderator.  These rooms can be a great place to connect with a community and identify trading opportunities that you would never have even seen on your own.

Joining the community is one of the biggest reasons that a veteran trader would sign up for one of these services.

Day trading can be a lonely profession. Unlike trading forums there is much more direction and focus.

jason bonds trading chat room


For a new trader these can give you first hand experience and a heavy dose of jargon used in context. A great way to dive head first into the markets without too much skin in the game.

Watch List

Most services will offer a daily watch list or a list of stocks that are expected to have a big move soon. Depending on the type these will be a heads up on upcoming day trading and swing trading opportunities. Unlike alerts, these usually have a detailed explanation as to why and how they are expected to move.

Screen Share​

​Many new chat rooms integrate a live feed of the head traders broker screen into the service. This real-time access to a pro traders broker give you in-depth insight into their trades that a written newsletter or email alert does not.

Live Alerts​

Live alerts are buy and sell alerts on stocks that are sent to you usually via email, but many newer services utilize SMS (texts) to reach you quicker.

Alerts are the main reason that most subscribers join in the first place but many quickly learn that the watchlist and education provided offers much more long term benefits to them and their trading.

Features Of the Best Stock Trading Chat Rooms 

Features of the Best Stock Picking Services