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One of the most important parts of any online day trading service is the team behind it. Led by founder Nate Michaud, Investors Underground has a talented team of day trading experts dedicated to helping every subscriber succeed. The platform offers three stock trading chat rooms, Daily Watch Lists and a wealth of instructional videos. Most services are available for $197 a month. A great choice of tools and instruction for both the professional day trader and the amateur wishing to learn more.

Looking to become involved in day trading? Underground Stock Alerts is a popular choice for both trading novices and veterans alike. The Investors Underground platform helps users identify stock picks and make trades with real-time alerts and three fully managed chat rooms.

Before signing up for a subscription service, you want a thorough understanding of the site’s pluses and minuses. Is the site easy to navigate? Are the features useful? Ultimately, and perhaps most importantly, will using this service help you achieve your day trading goals? My complete review is below:

Members Area

As a paid subscriber, you’ll have access to the Member’s Area Dashboard, which looks like this:

Services Offered

Investors Underground attempts to provide a complete package of services and advice for all day traders. There are four major features included with subscription:

Stock Trading Chat Room

The heart of the action is the Stock Trading Chat Room. Touted as the “best scanning tool you will ever use,” their day trading chat room has over 1,000 members. Receive real-time advice and instruction from day trading pros.

There are three Chat Rooms available:

  • Momentum Chat
  • Swing Trading Chat
  • OTC Chat

Momentum is the most popular, while OTC is generally pretty empty. I’ll go into details about this later on.

Stock Watch Lists

Start your trading day off right with IU’s daily Stock Watch Lists. They distribute a List each morning detailing which stocks to keep an eye on. While you still have to make your own decisions about your trades, these Stock Watch Lists can be a valuable guide.

Video Lesson Library

There’s always more to learn about day trading, and Investors Underground provides a variety of video resources. These original trade recap videos respond directly to recent trading issues with an eye on how future trades will be affected. Two to three videos are released each week with hundreds of more available in the archives.

Comprehensive Day Trading Courses

Even when the markets are closed, there are still plenty of services on the site designed to improve your day trading skills. IU offers an extensive section of courses covering money management, chart patterns, brokers and other aspects of day trading. This includes e-courses, blog posts and other A/V media.

The IU Momentum Chat Room

They have three chat rooms, all of which operate from 9am to 4pm EST on market days. The three rooms are:

I found the Momentum Chat room to be the most consistently active. Actually, I never found anyone in the OTC Chat room. I’m not sure if this was a glitch or if the room was unpopular with subscribers. Regardless, here’s what the Chat Rooms look like without any activity:

underground stock alerts chat room

And here’s the Momentum Chat Room during peak trading activity on a Monday morning:

investors underground momentum chat room

Let’s take a look:

Across the top row I have an inbox for Private Messages, Sound Options, Chat Log Review and Technical Settings.

The User List on the left shows seven IU Moderators currently in the room, along with a list of members. There were several hundred Members in the room at this time. Investors Underground says an average of 600 members are online daily any one time.

The main part of the page is the real-time trade analysis. Both Moderators and Members offer movement strategies as they work to spot trends. The chat stream can move by pretty quickly.

I like how everyone is allowed to participate. When many people are working towards a similar goal, each individual can help spot a larger trend in the market. So that’s a plus for the Investors Underground chat rooms.

What I don’t like about their Chat Room is the lack of distinction between Members and Moderators. A big selling point of any day trading platform is the team of experts you can learn from. While the Members seem to know quite a bit, I’m really more interested in how the Moderators are trading.

Because every name in the chat stream is the same color, and there’s no company-wide naming standard for Moderators, I had to check each name in the chat against the Moderator list until I learned who everybody was. I think having the Moderators’ names be a unique color in the chat room would be very useful.

The Investors Underground Team

As with every day trading service, the actual people running the company matter a great deal. They should be knowledgeable professionals in finance, sure. But they need to be communication pros, too – accessible during trades as well as otherwise willing to teach users of any skill level.

Let’s take a look at the IU team:

IU mods

Nathan Michaud

In 2008, Nate founded Investors Underground. With over 10 years of experience trading equities on both NASDAQ and OTC, he set out to create a trading platform he’d want to use himself. He’s the head moderator of the Stock Trading Chat Room, as well as the creator of the much of the coursework including the Textbook Trading and Tandem Trader DVD’s.

Cam B

In 2010, Cam B first joined the Investors Underground team… as a subscriber! He excelled at the trading aspect so well he eventually was hired by Nate. Today, he’s in charge of many overall operations. He primarily splits his time between creating educational content and trading stocks live in the Stock Trading Chat Room.

The entire staff is listed on their website. Each person on the 12 member team has a solid background in investing. I didn’t personally see each team member in action in the chat room, but based on their bios I feel confident that I’m in good hands no matter who is trading.

Education Resources

There are four areas of educational resources available for subscribers:


These are daily posts directly from Nate. They’re a summary of the day’s trading action, along with Nate’s personal thoughts. Here’s an example of some listings from August:

Previous scans are archived and available for members to read at any time. Perhaps surprisingly, there’s a lot of value to be found in older scans, even if the specific trades have already taken place.

This is because Nate’s commentary is usually filled with useful info about day trading in general. I found that by reading through scans going back several months, I gained some insight into broader trends.

Here’s a closer look at an individual scan:

Nate has a no-nonsense style which I really appreciate. He keeps his scans short and to the point. They’re meant to be a nice wrap-up for members at the end of the trading day.

Video Lessons

Members have unlimited access to a variety of videos. Aside from traditional Video Lessons, members can also access two extended courses on DVD. The Textbook Trader DVD is an 11 chapter series which provides a complete overview of day trading. The other course available is the 10 chapter Tandem Trader DVD series.


Investors Underground also regularly hosts Webinars. They generally have a new Webinar available for members about once a week.

Here’s a look at some of the topics:

The Search bar will help you find a specific topic. If you’re looking for Webinars conducted by a specific team member, you can sort previous webinars by Emil, Cody or Nate.

Here’s a look into one of Nate’s webinars:

If you’re able to attend the webinar live, you (and all the other attendees) can ask questions directly to the teacher. But don’t worry if you can’t drop in on every webinar. The archived webinars are available to members 24/7. Plus, you can still see the comments from subscribers. I admit – sometimes I learned as much from the discussion as from the lesson presented!

Chat Archives

If you’re dedicated to day trading, you’re probably going to be in the chat room each morning as soon as it opens. But sometimes life gets in the way. If you ever miss any of the action, you can catch up on the latest news by reading the Chat Archives

Chat logs are accessed by clicking the counter-clockwise circle in the top bar of the Chat Room. This lets you read the entire transcript. Here’s a sample of an archived chat:

Investors Underground Subscription Plans and Prices

UI has a variety of price plans. Here’s the main pricing info listed on their site for their Elite Subscription:

investestors underground stock alerts

Each plan has the same features. So you’re really just pre-purchasing a subscription for a longer period of time in order to save.

I never recommend signing up for a year-long subscription to a trading platform that you’ve never personally used before. Plus, even the lowest Elite Subscription plan is over a thousand dollars. So I recommend new users stay away from both the one year and three month membership plans initially.

Fortunately, there’s a much better option. While they promote their Elite plans more, they also offer an Investors Underground Standard edition. Here’s a comparison:

The Standard doesn’t include the Weekly Trade Recap Videos and access to the library of Video Lessons. These are certainly useful features, but traders on a budget can save some money while still accessing the core services including the Chat Rooms, Daily Watch Lists and access to at least four interactive webinars.

The Bottom Line on Investors Underground


  • Clear, robust Chat Rooms with full moderation
  • Entire staff is experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated to customer service
  • Daily Stock Watch Lists written personally by the company founder
  • Three separate Chat Rooms let you focus on the trading types you care about


  • Distinguishing between moderators and members in the chat room is difficult. Some type of color or other graphical highlight would help with this.
  • The Elite subscription plans range from $1297 to $1997 a year, and are the only plans which include the Trade Recap Videos and access to the Video Lesson Library

Worth the Money?

The Elite Subscription plans are very pricey. I’d really recommend them only to someone who is both a day trading novice and who has a 100% commitment to learn. The extensive collection of videos available only with the Elite plan pretty much cover day trading from A to Z. Plus, they’re created by a team of credible experts.

However, this level of instruction requires a significant investment of time and money. If you already know how to day trade, you probably don’t need that many teaching resources. Likewise, even if you’re only somewhat familiar with day trading, there are some cheaper alternatives to learn more.

The Investors Underground Standard Subscription plan is $197 a month. This includes a pretty full-fledged Investors Underground experience with just a few limitations. The Standard Subscription includes access to all of the Chat Rooms, the Daily Watch Lists, personal mentoring and access to several webinars a month.

If you’re very or even somewhat familiar with day trading, the Standard plan is a pretty great deal. The platform is easy to use and the team of moderators has an excellent reputation in the industry.

Do you have experience with any of the services provided by Investors Underground? Share your thoughts with us below:

Investors Underground: Live Day Trading Review
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Investors Underground

Summary: One of the most important parts of any online day trading service is the team behind it. Led by founder Nate Michaud, Investors Underground has a talented team of day trading experts dedicated to helping every subscriber succeed. The platform offers three stock trading chat rooms, Daily Watch Lists and a wealth of instructional videos. Most services are available for $197 a month. A great choice of tools and instruction for both the professional day trader and the amateur wishing to learn more.

$197 to $297
RatingRated 3.5 stars

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