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EquityFeed provides day traders a great platform to trade off of news, level II information, and setups. To get started with Equityfeed is an easy process but setting up filters will take a little while longer provided that the filters have all that the user needed. Nevertheless, this is an affordable service for day traders looking for level II information as well as real time news feeds. Other services can provide similar technical setups but as far as real time news and level II trading information EquityFeed is one of a kind. Pricing is dependent on what market you want access to.

EquityFeed is a subscription based trading platform tailored for day traders because of its real time quotes, live screening, live news feeds, and level II updates. Day traders that use TD Ameritrade or Interactive Broker are in for a treat as the program links directly with both brokers and trades can be placed on the EquityFeed software. Unfortunately, traders that rely on fundamental information such as revenue growth, profit growth, debt coverage, and return on investments will not find this program useful. Also, traders with time frames greater than one week will also find the charting features on EquityFeed lacking. The strength of this platforms lies in its ability to deliver real-time information and quick execution.

Getting Started

Setting up an account at EquityFeed is surprisingly easy. A 14-day free trial is available without any credit cards and the team at EquityFeed put a lot of emphasis on getting users started as quickly as possible.

Navigating the website

Once you login to EquityFeed with your account via the site, the top ribbon has several functions for you to choose from: View Feature, Free Trial, Pricing, Blog, and Contact Us.

equityfeed review

View Features

This section runs through the main features of EquityFeed. First is the STOCK SCANNER which allows members to create customized filters for intraday trading. There is also a video that explains how to build filters. Next is TRADING ALERTS which uses chart pattern recognition to inform members on New Highs, New Lows, Price Breakouts, Volume Breakouts, and Block Trades. There is also a video to explain all of these features. Followed by NEWS STREAMER that can provide real-time news for live trading. There is also MARKETVIEW which has all the U.S. stocks listed with the price, volume, and other relevant information. For deeper analysis, there is CHART MONTAGE that gives members real-time chart views including Level 2 data. Another useful feature is LEVEL 2 QUOTES which displays order books with all Market Makers. Lastly, as with any good trading platform, you can create your own WATCHLISTS. We will analyze all of these functions in real time and after market close to see which ones provide value to day traders.


equityfeed price

There is also a bundle option and for an additional $20 you can get Level 2 data for all the package options.

equityfeed price

equityfeed price bundles

If your specialization is in Microcaps, then you can just purchase a Microcap bundle. Here for an additional $20 you can also add Level 2.

equityfeed price microcap


Here members can find articles on the market for valuable insights. However, there have been no updates to the blog for three months as of the writing of this review.

Contact Us

Here is where you start your Free Trial or reach out to EquityFeed. This page also shows that EquityFeed has trading integration with Interactive Brokers, RealTick, Sterling Trader, TD Ameritrade, and LightSpeed.


One potential downside of EquityFeed is that this is not a browser based trading platform. Depending on user’s computer literacy the installation experience can vary. We tried the installation process on Windows 7, and the entire process took less than ten mins. There is also no software that you need to install; it is just a very simple Java program.

To start the trial, there is an easy trial activation with activation link sent to email at no delays. To obtain real-time quotes you need to sign an agreement.

To launch the program, you need to download a Java program. Do not let the downloading process scare you away as there is no installation involved since this program runs off of Java.

equityfeed login

equityfeed launchpad

Once you log in the Launchpad looks like this:


This tool gives you an overview of the entire US Market. Currently, on the home page, there are approximately 15,000 stocks, and you can rank them by Symbol, Company name, Bid, Ask, Last, Net Change, % Chg, Volume, Trades, and $ Volume.

equityfeed markets tab

The top Ribbon gives you Markets, Sectors ETFs, Indexes, and Short Views to organize your list. Within the Markets tab, you can filter by


or Stock Types

and further narrow by filters

and find your information based on real-time market data or previous day’s data

Choose the stock you want using Symbol Quick Search.

Previous day’s data is just last trading day’s information. For example, today’s date is 8/11/2016, and the market has closed. Last day’s data will reflect the market action from 8/10/2016. During the trading day, these are updated in real time, and furthermore, you can search for the

Under the Sector tab, you can specify the Sectors as well as sub-Sectors you want to examine.

The sectors are as follows:

  • Aerospace/Defense
  • Automotive
  • Banking
  • Chemicals
  • Computer Hardware
  • Computer Software & Services
  • Conglomerates
  • Consumer Durables
  • Consumer Non-Durables
  • Diversified Services
  • Drugs
  • Electronics
  • Energy
  • Financial Services
  • Food & Beverage
  • Health Services
  • Industrial
  • Insurance
  • Internet
  • Leisure
  • Materials & Construction
  • Media
  • Metals & Mining
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Specialty Retail
  • Telecommunications
  • Tobacco
  • Transportations
  • Utilities
  • Wholesale

Under the ETFs tab, you can specify the ETF Family and the ETF Type. ETF Family includes all the firms that issue ETFs, and ETF class includes Asset Allocation ETF, Commodity-Based ETF, ETN, Fixed Income ETF, Fixed Income ETF – Equity, Global Equity ETF, US Asset Allocation ETF, US Equity ETF, US Equity Income ETF, and US Fixed Income ETF.

Lastly, you can search by Index. Indexes include the following list which is an extensive list of stocks to choose.

Lastly, besides the main ribbon on the top of the screen, there is also a bottom bar with links and functions.

From left to right, the links can take you to the home page, adjust layout, customize colors, rename the window, export to excel, edit settings, take screenshots, and clone window.

News Streamer

This tool gives you a feed of all the breaking news in the markets. On top of that, you can also filter the markets, stock types, and news types you want to pick. Furthermore, you can specify the typing of security you want to see based on investment characteristics. The news streamer a great resource for day traders to react and trade off of news at the highest efficiency.

These are the Markets you can choose from

Also, you can choose the stock types you want to filter:

as well as the types of news you want to see.

If these are not enough to find the stock you want, then you can also filter the security by other technical factors.

Members the opportunity to review news that fall into the falling categories:

All in all this page gives intra-day traders the perfect opportunity to jump on trades as the news developments. The next tab is Deal News offers. Members can still search for specific markets similar to the way they did on News Stream. However, this feed provides more market moving activities than the traditional News Stream. This tool can be useful during earnings season when subscribers are looking for actionable activity in stocks that moved after earnings.

Stock Scanner

This page provides customers with a list of stocks to work. A major downside to this tool is that this is a real technical scanner and subscribers cannot add any fundamental filters. These are the filters that come with the Stock Scanner:

One can also save filters and run screens during the day to scan for technical setups as well as actionable ideas.

Filter Builder

This function gives users the chance to build their filters that are not available on the Stock Scanner page. Filters include Price Data, Liquidity, Fundamentals, and Technical Overlays.

These are the filter options available under Price Data.

For liquidity, these are the analytics available for filtering:

The fundamentals analytics are somewhat limited and do not support full blown fundamental analysis which severely limits this program to more technical traders:

Following up on the technical tilt for this program, there are numerous technical indicators for members to filter:

To show you how this filter works, we will build a filter that finds stocks with Relative Strength Index (RSI) over 70.

First, you select Relative Strength Index which pops up a parameters page to set time period as well as the interval.

For this example, we will choose Daily range and 14 time periods.

Next, we select an operator:

In this example, we will choose greater than the value of 70.

Once we’ve selected value of 70 hitting Add to Query will add this filter to the filter box. Hitting Run Filter button will generate a list of stocks that has RSI greater than 70 in real time.

equityfeed stocks filter screen

On top of just having one filter for RSI. You can also set multiple filters to narrow down the list. We’ve added three additional filters to the RSI filter, price over $15, price trading above upper Bollinger Band, and average volume greater than 1,000,000 shares per day.

Using a filter narrows the list from 4,042 securities trading above 70 RSI to a manageable list of just 20 stocks.

equityfeed beta filter feed results

Once you create a list, clicking once on the symbol will pull up a snapshot of the chart as well as Level 1 and Level 2 Data.

Trading Alerts

Trading alerts allow users to quickly see New Highs, New Lows, Price Breakouts, Volume Breakouts, and Block Trades in real time.

You can further narrow down the list by specifying the markets, stock types, and most importantly stock filters. For example, an important filter is to filter only stocks/ETFs with sufficient trading volume to narrow down the alert list.

Another feature is to setup alert settings. If you check all the lists you can have an alert description, recurring highs, and recurring lows. Once you have a Watch list on Equityfeed, you can also check positions in you watch list only.

Once the stock universe is properly filtered, users can specify the type of highs, lows, breakouts, and block trades. These are the options for highs and lows:

These are the options for price and volume breakouts:


Finally, these are the options for Block Trades.

Chart Montage

equityfeed chart montage

This page sets up a chart view of securities. The time frame of the chart defaulted to 2 days and 2 min intervals.

One can easily tell this is ideal for a day/swing trader. You can also change chart type between line, OHLC, and candlestick. Also, you can add technical indicators on the chart as well as draw onto the chart.

An additional feature is to add pre-market and after-market data onto the chart. This is particularly helpful during earnings season.

equityfeed LCI chart

For example, LCI released earnings today, and one can see the after hour activities since the release.

equityfeed level 2 information

Additionally, on the bottom tab there is Level 2 information:


equityfeed pivot points

Pivot Points:

Trading (If users link their TD Ameritrade or Interactive Brokers accounts):

And lastly fundamentals:

The same feedback for fundamental as earlier applies here. How useful this information is for trading was difficult to determine. Some may use it for short interest while others may use it for thresholds a company must meet to become tradeable.

Time & Sales

This page shows us the shares got all the trades that occurred in a stock. This is useful for users to see when a big block trade happens.


Here users can generate a list of stocks to follow. For an example, we included large-cap tech stocks, and there is news feed automatically available below. Furthermore, there are additional functions if users right-click on the symbols.

equityfeed stocks watchlist
Once right clicked, users can trade, pull up additional information on the tickers, and even export the watch list.

Level 2

Here, users can pull up level 2 information for stocks and see bids and asks as well as the time of the trade.

Personal Alerts

Users can set up individual alerts, for example, below is an alert for when Apple hits new 52-Week high.

Users can also set up news alerts,

As far as the warning goes, users can choose between email, sound, and popup.

Trading Integration

There are two integrations, TD Ameritrade and Interactive Brokers.

TD Ameritrade setup looks like the above:


Interactive Brokers looks like the above:



Equity Feed Review
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EquityFeed Workstation

Summary: EquityFeed provides day traders a great platform to trade off of news, level II information, and setups. To get started with Equityfeed is an easy process but setting up filters will take a little while longer provided that the filters have all that the user needed. Nevertheless, this is an affordable service for day traders looking for level II information as well as real time news feeds. Other services can provide similar technical setups but as far as real time news and level II trading information EquityFeed is one of a kind. Pricing is dependent on what market you want access to.

$135 to $255
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