Connor Bruggemann Online Day Trading Platform: A Complete Review

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Honestly, I think that picked up Connor only because of the large amount of press he had as a kid, not because of his trading skills. Geared almost entirely towards part-time traders, his online day trading platform includes live chat, real-time trading alerts and trading tools including the Penny Stock Bible. While some of the information is solid, Bruggermann lacks a lot of teaching experience. Plus, his platform doesn’t much to offer full-time traders.

Trading stocks online is a relatively recent phenomenon compared to other types of financial trading. Today, you don’t need to be on Wall Street or even live in New York to make money daily on the stock market.

Connor Bruggemann has made over $300,000 trading penny stocks. Even more impressive, he made most of this while still in high school!

Many day trading chat rooms are run by individuals who have shown extraordinary success with day trading. While that’s an important qualification when selecting a trading platform, you also want to find someone who knows how to teach. After all, you’re the one who wants to make money trading online.

Does Connor Bruggemann’s platform have all the trading and teaching tools you need to reach your financial goals? I took an in-depth look at every aspect of Connor Bruggemann’s trading platform, including the member’s only areas. My complete review is below:

investors corner screenshot

Connor Bruggemann’s platform can be accessed in two different ways. He has a standalone website called Investor’s Corner which you access through a standard WordPress login screen. His trading platform can also be accessed through the system.

The Network Explained

This is a network of four different online trading platforms all connected through the website. Each platform is run by a different trading pro. They are:

  • Timothy Sykes – the founder and penny stock professional
  • Paul “Superman” Scholardi – veteran smallcaps swing trader
  • Matthew “Triforce” Owens – market education specialist and expert in trading consistency
  • Connor Bruggemann

Connor Bruggemann is a part-time trade specialist. As a student, he didn’t have the free time to spend all day trading online. So he learned how to meet his financial goals by trading part-time.

Connor Bruggemann aims for a rather specific audience: Part-time traders. These are people who spend most of their day at work or school. They can’t devote the bulk of their day to watching the minute-to-minute fluctuations of the market.

This is where Connor’s system is designed to shine. Subscribers have access to a variety of tools and resources created to help them succeed with part-time traders. Here are the main features:

  • Live chat room featuring Connor’s comments on his real-time trading moves
  • Trading alerts which provide need-to-know market tips through the live trading day
  • Daily Watch Lists with Connor’s personal analysis of current market trends
  • Weekly Q&A’s where Connor answers subscribers’ questions
  • Education resources including videos, the Penny Stock Bible and more.

Subscription Places and Prices

Services are divided into two subscription packages. Connor Alerts is the core package while the Connor Pro package includes extra learning opportunities.

Connor Alerts includes most services. This package gives you access to the chat room, watch list and real-time trade alerts. It also includes most of the educational resources including the weekly video lessons and access to the video library. Android and iPhone apps are also available. The Connor Alerts package is $147 a month.

The Connor Pro package contains everything in the Alerts Package plus Weekly Q&A’s. These live question and answer session let subscribers interact with Connor directly and ask trading questions. This package is $247 a month.

So, what are the main features of the platform like? Let’s take a look:

Services Offered

If you sign in through the site, here’s the initial dashboard you’ll see:

connor alerts chat room

This is a stream showing live updates from the gurus. To access the chat room, you select the Chat option and then choose the chat room for the particular guru you want to visit. In this case, Connor Alerts is selected.

There’s another chat room associated with Connor, too. Each guru has an Off Topic chat room. These are usually busiest when the markets are closed. You’ll find members discussing online trading, general financial advice, current events and even just their daily lives. The close-knit trading community is usually cited as a major plus by most subscribers.

What is the Chat Room Like?

The chat room is a live forum where members, Connor and his hand-picked team of financial pros all discuss market trades and trends in real time. Connor and his team post alerts and other relevant day trading info.

Here’s a shot from a recent live chat room during trading hours:

connor alerts chat room screenshot

Connor and his team are in the red. Stock symbols are a light blue. You can click each name to individually send a message or mute. The chat room is heavily moderated to stay on-topic, and the community is very friendly, so I highly doubt you’ll have to actually must anyone.

You might’ve noticed that the chat room isn’t particularly full. In fact, of all the gurus, it seems like Connor consistently has the least populated chat rooms.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You don’t want the chat to be so busy that you don’t have to time to properly consider all the information presented.

These smaller chat rooms don’t necessarily mean Connor’s platform isn’t popular. Rather, the relative lack of chat room activity most likely reflects the specific needs of his audience. Part-time traders naturally don’t have a lot of time to hang out in the chat room.

There’s one strength to the chat room that I didn’t find in any of the other sites. Connor’s chat room has a fair amount of activity during the afternoon hours. Here’s a shot from around 4 pm.

connor alerts chat room

Many online day traders don’t have much or even any active trading outside of the morning hours. There are a few reasons for this – lack of interest, lack of success due to emotional drain and more. But for part-time traders, afternoon trading can often make sense.

What Do the Daily Watchlists Look Like?

Before the market opens each day, Connor personally prepares a daily market Watchlist. This is a list of all stocks which Connor (and the subscribers) will monitor during that day’s trading. This is an excellent way to focus in on the winning trades. Plus, over time these Watchlists will help you develop a better understanding of the market overall.

Watchlists are sent to members via email, text or SMS. An archive of messages is also available on the main site. Watchlists feature an in-depth explanation of each stock so you can better understand what trends to watch for.

What Do the Trade Alerts Look Like?

As a part-time trader, you won’t be able to watch the market constantly during the trading day. This is where Connor’s trade alerts come in. These are alerts sent directly to your email or mobile device which notify you when Connor has made a move.

Trade alerts are also posted into a live stream on the website. Here’s a look: alerts

This particular example shows alerts from Timothy Sykes and Paul “Superman” Scholardi, but all four trading gurus regularly send out alerts throughout the trading day.

Each alert includes:

  • The name of the stock
  • Whether Connor is analyzing, entering or exiting the trade
  • Why he’s taking that action

This can be valuable information for any trader, but especially those who have a schedule which interferes with their ability to watch the markets full-time during the trading day.

What Education Resources are Available?

Of course, one of the most important aspects of a day trading platform is the teaching tools the trading pro provides. Connor’s Platform includes the following resources designed to make you a better day trader:

Video Lessons

These cover a wide variety of trading topics. Connor, while young, is a competent and confident teacher. Previous videos are available for viewing in the archive.

Each video covers a specific stock’s journey from initial buy to final sale. Connor discusses what drew his attention toward the stock, what metrics he was expecting from it and why he eventually sold the stock. As part of his dedication to transparency, he analyzes both good trades and bad.

In fact, he posts the results of every trade online:

And here’s a screenshot from a video course. Connor operates from his home office, just like his subscribers:

working from home connor alerts

Penny Stock Bible

This is Connor’s most comprehensive teaching tool. The Penny Stock Bible covers in-depth trading strategies including chart readings, level 2 and other need-to-know info. Reading the entire Penny Stock Bible is the recommended first step for all new members.

Weekly Question and Answer Session

Each week, all members are invited to a live Q&A session in the chat room. You’re encouraged to ask about specific trades, stocks, charts or anything else related to day trading or general finances.

Who is Connor Bruggemann?

connor bruggemann 326000 trading stocks

As a teenager, Connor Bruggemann worked as a bus boy and waiter at a local restaurant. Instead of spending his money on stuff, he instead began investing in the stock market.

At first, he invested mainly dividend yielding stocks. These are stocks such as Verizon and AT&T. But these stocks moved rather slowly for the teenage Connor, and he started looking into more speculative companies.

Soon enough, he’d turned his initial $9,700 into almost $95,000 by trading penny stocks. But this success was fleeting. Connor had no trading strategy, mentor or any idea what he was doing. In March of 2014, only a few months after his initial win, Connor made a series of bad trades and lost over $40,000.

Almost instantly, Connor became determined to succeed again. He sought out training tools, trading education, and expert mentors.

He developed a new trading strategy, and it quickly worked well. By the age of 18, Connor had turned a few thousand dollars into more than $340,000. His story was featured on Fox Business, Bro Bible, Bloomberg and other media outlets.

His success inspired him to create his trading platform. Today, he teaches others the same trading system and strategies which brought him so much success.

The Pros of the Connor Bruggemann

  • Tailored for the part-time trader. The majority of day trading platforms only work if you can spend all morning in front of your computer screen. Connor’s system lets you trade while still having a day job or other responsibilities.
  • Accessible chat room. The smaller crowd in the chat room isn’t necessarily a negative. You have a greater opportunity for personal attention when you need help or advice.

What I Think Should be Improved

  • Connor’s experience level. Young trading professionals who found great success early aren’t too uncommon in this industry. But I’d feel more comfortable buying a subscription if Connor had a few more years of teaching experience.

Is Connor Bruggemann’s Trading System Worth the Money?

For a certain type of trader, Connor’s trading system will make a lot of sense. But I feel that most traditional online day traders are better served with a different platform.

Connor’s system is designed for part-time traders. If you want to a trading professional to do the research and send you real-time trading moves, Connor makes a lot of sense. This platform is also a good idea if you’re looking for a chat room active in the afternoon.

However, if you’re looking for a very active chat room or a platform geared towards full-time trading, other trading sites will probably serve your needs better.

Part-time traders should consider one month of the Connor Pro for $247. This includes four Q&A sessions and access to all of the site’s features. If you like the features, you can continue with a longer subscription. If not, $247 isn’t a particularly huge loss in the larger picture of online day trading.

Have you used Connor Bruggemann’s trading strategies? Share your experience in the comment section below:

Connor Bruggemann Online Day Trading Platform: A Complete Review
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Connor Bruggemann

Summary: Honestly, I think that picked up Connor only because of the large amount of press he had as a kid, not because of his trading skills. Geared almost entirely towards part-time traders, his online day trading platform includes live chat, real-time trading alerts and trading tools including the Penny Stock Bible. While some of the information is solid, Bruggermann lacks a lot of teaching experience. Plus, his platform doesn’t much to offer full-time traders.

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