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Clay used to trade on emotion and he lost almost everything because of it. He was able to rebound thanks to an entirely new system he developed, one which uses actual trading charts and a cool head. His Inner Circle subscription plan is $99 and offers access to multiple chat rooms, blog archives and personal instruction from both Clay and a friendly, knowledgeable community. This lower rating is mostly due to the fact that Clay doesn't do any live trading, can be good for learning though.

ClayTrader is a day trading platform which provides a solid foundation for traders of all levels. Their helpful, engaged community has 4,200 traders from over 170 countries. Subscribers have access to chat rooms, podcasts, and weekly stock and option trading tips.

There’s no shortage of sites which provide trading advice for financial success. Often, the difference between a great site and a substandard one is in the details of the platform and the know-how of the professionals behind the scenes. I took a look at the entire Clay Trader platform, including all of the features available exclusively for members.

Will ClayTrader teach you what you need to know to achieve financial success through day trading? Is their site easy to use? Are their prices affordable? All this info and more – including my personal recommendation – are in my complete review below:

Services Provided:

When you first land on the site, here’s what you’ll see:

clay trader main page

That’s Clay, the founder, and namesake of the platform. He’s an experienced online trader who pretty much runs the whole show. Members will watch and interact with Clay during each trading day. He also writes the weekly newsletter and is available to help answer questions.

Clay introduces himself in a video on the site, and I’ll discuss his story later in this review. For now, let’s focus on the message ClayTrader promotes. They prioritize helpful, personal instruction and advice for regular people who might not have a ton of financial experience.

Too many online traders let their emotions get the better of them. This leads to impulsive decisions and mistakes during the trading day. ClayTrader doesn’t just focus on the technical mechanics behind online day trading; they also want to teach you how to control your emotions and remain rational during the trading day.

What is The Inner Circle?

Subscribers are given access to ClayTrader’s Inner Circle. Here’s what this paid area looks like:

clay trader inner circle details

The Lounge, Under $1 and Over $1 areas are all real-time chat rooms. The Forums allow for longer, more nuanced discussion. The Newsletter section lets you sign up for Clay Trader’s Weekly Power Scans, which is a series of annotated graphs showing stocks to watch.

Let’s take an in-depth look at each feature available to members:

Traders Lounge

Here’s a live look at the Traders Lounge chat room:

clay traders lounge chat room

The Traders Lounge is a more informal area dedicated to discussion and networking. This is where subscribers go outside of trading hours. I found the community friendly, smart and fun. In fact, Clay specifically mentions that the community was often a big draw for prospective members. Many subscribers even exchange mobile numbers and develop friendships.

Under $1 and Over $1 Chat Rooms

Here’s a look at the Trading Chat Room for stocks under $1:

trading pit chat room

And here’s a look at the Over $1 Chat Room:

clay trader live trading chat room

Both Chat Rooms are structured the same, with a large chat screen as well the ability to click on each profile to send a private message (even to the mods).

As you can see, Clay has an active presence in both chat rooms. When the trading day ends, Clay invites all the users into the Traders Lounge for further discussion about the day’s events. He also directly communicates with subscribers in real-time about the trading moves he makes each trading day.

Clay helps subscribers focus on two main aspects of day trading:

1. In Play

These are stocks which are predicted to do well during the trading day. When trading starts, these are stocks which you’ll want to focus on initially. Clay presents subscribers with a list of In Play stocks each morning before trading begins.

2. Coming To

These are stocks which start to look promising throughout the trading day. This shift is likely due to current news or other real-time market events. Both Clay and subscribers around the world can use the chat room to discuss economic events and their live impact on the market.


The General Forums cover anything and everything related to the markets. You can create your topics or contribute to the existing ones. Here’s a look at the Forum Section available to members:

inner circle details

Most of the value here comes from reading through the older posts as a learning resource. As you can see above, there’s not a lot of “freshness” to the forums. Don’t expect to see new posts daily.

To be fair, there’s not a major reason for the forums to be active. Most members will spend the bulk of their time in the chat rooms. Even when the market is closed, you’ll likely find lively conversations in the Lounge.

Power Scans Weekly Newsletter

This is a weekly update on market trends, stocks to watch and other need-to-know trading info. Sent directly to your inbox, the Power Scans are written by Clay personally. Here’s an inside look at a recent Power Scan:

power scans of the week

Each Power Scan consists of about six to eight graphs similar to the one above. The specific stocks tracked are listed at the top of the chart (RNVA, IMNP, etc.). Performance is tracked across the graphs. The blue text is directly from Clay. He offers up a summary of past performance and a prediction for future results.

Personally, I like the Power Scans, but I do not have some reservations about them. Mainly, they’re complicated. If you’re new to Day Trading, these Power Scans might be a bit confusing.

What Types of Teaching Tools Does Clay Trader Provide?

Clay has a dedicated Resource Page. This page offers a variety of resources which range from useful to, frankly, useless. The useful resources include recommendations for brokers and stock chart providers. The least useful resources (to put it charitably) include a recommendation for office chairs as well as movies which feature stock trading.

Aside from the Resource Page, other teaching tools available to subscribers include a blog section and podcasts. Let’s take a look at each one:

Blog Section

Clay Trader’s blog section is robust, informative and ever-growing. They cover a variety of topics related to day trading, the stock market and general investing. Here’s a look at their main blog page:

latest blog posts by claytrader

Looking for something more specific? Clay Trader’s blogs are also organized by topic. Here’s what that section looks like:

guide categories

Each section has a few posts archived, and new content is created all the time. One caveat is the “Fun Stuff” category is empty – although, personally, I find trading fun enough on its own!

The vast majority of posts have quite a few comments. Here’s an example:

comments and feedback claytrader

This is great for two reasons. First, the comments are often an excellent source of additional info on the topic at hand. Also, the comments help foster a greater sense of community among the members.


Clay and his team have a pretty large gallery of podcasts available at any time for subscribers. Here’s a look at their podcast page:

stock trading podcast

Podcasts are hosted by Clay, Chezz (who seems to be the second-in-command) and a variety of other Clay Trader employees. The interview guests are typically NOT Wall Street hotshots and other financial insiders.

Instead, the podcasts interview regular traders who work online and away from Wall Street. Many of these people are actual subscribers to the site. The main idea is to show potential customers that successful day traders don’t need to have a fancy financial education or background. Anyone can learn the strategies for success.

Who is the Clay behind Clay Trader?

The founder, owner and main trader of Clay Trader are, naturally, a guy named Clay. His story is remarkable in the sense that it’s not very remarkable at all. That is, Clay presents himself as a regular guy who – in the beginning — was just as confused and overwhelmed as practically all other brand new traders.

video screenshot of claytrader

Clay makes a point to identify with his subscribers. Like them, he isn’t connected to Wall Street. In fact, he’s not even in New York! Clay trades online from his home in Michigan.

After college, Clay started day trading with very little idea of what he was doing. He sold a mutual fund to finance his initial foray into day trading.

At first, he was pretty successful with trading. But soon came the trade which “broke [his] heart.” He’d been following a stock, gradually watching it grow, when suddenly there was a drastic drop and Clay took a huge financial hit.

Clay had let his emotions control his trading. He vowed to never make that mistake again. He began to develop an online day trading system based on technical analysis and charts – not emotions.

This system led to the development of Clay Trader, which has grown into a full-service trading platform with three main areas of focus:

  • Real time chat room connection
  • Weekly newsletters
  • Networking opportunities

Clay’s emphasis on charts and technical trading – leaving emotion at the door — remains his philosophy with every trade.

training courses with stock market quote

Clay Trader Prices and Plans

The main part of the site is the Inner Circle. This is where you can access the chat rooms, forums, blogs and weekly newsletter. This is $99 a month.

He also offers 11 educational courses from about $99 to $300. These are video lessons which teach both advanced and basic day trading concepts. For instance, here’s The Penny Stock Survival Guide.

penny stock survival guide

He also offers a Bundle Package. This is for those who want to jump right in and access every feature and piece of content on the site. This is $1,197.

full service university

The Pros of Trading Online with Clay Trader

  • Clay. The guy’s likable, a good teacher and has a clear vision about how he wants to trade. His reliance on emotion-free trading, and emphasis on learning the fundamentals of technical trading with charts can quite literally pay off big-time.
  • His blog section. The selection of blogs is large and top quality. If you prefer to learn primarily by reading, this site will be appealing.
  • The community. The Clay Trader community is friendly and eager to share their knowledge. There’s a real sense of camaraderie among members.

The Cons of Trading Online with Clay Trader

  • Power Scan Weekly Newsletter. While the information in the newsletter is solid and actionable, the format leaves a bit to be desired. New traders will likely be confused by the info-rich but label-light graphs.
  • Resources. Clay seems to reach a bit near the end of his Resource section. I feel recommendations such as office chairs and stock market set movies are only there to fill space on the page.
  • Clay does not actively trade. This is an educational service only.

Is Clay Trader Worth the Money?

That depends on your level of day trading experience. If you’re starting out with day trading, I’m not sure if this is the trading platform for you. The information is valuable and presented in a clear way, but the costs can add up quickly.

To buy all the training materials, you’ll either need to buy the Bundle package for just over $1,000 or else buy many videos separately for at least $100 apiece. I can’t recommend a new trader immediately sink $1,000 into a trading platform they’re brand new to.

I can recommend one month of the $99 Inner Circle plan. This lets you experience the real strength of the site – the chat room. While the Power Scans are interesting, they might be a bit intimidating to new users. But the friendly community will likely be willing to help you out, and Clay is also very accessible.

Have you traded using the Clay Trader platform? Let us know more in the comments below:

Clay Trader: Day Trading Platform Review
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Clay Trader

Summary: Clay used to trade on emotion and he lost almost everything because of it. He was able to rebound thanks to an entirely new system he developed, one which uses actual trading charts and a cool head. His Inner Circle subscription plan is $99 and offers access to multiple chat rooms, blog archives and personal instruction from both Clay and a friendly, knowledgeable community. This lower rating is mostly due to the fact that Clay doesn’t do any live trading, can be good for learning though.

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