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Fidelity Broker Review

Fidelity is the standard consumer brokerage package. Fidelity combines ease of use with ample explanation of relevant concepts to make an extremely user-friendly brokerage experience. I’ve used Fidelity for quite some time, and it rarely falls short for value investing, retirement planning, and casual trading. Some users may fault Fidelity for its oversimplified and relatively […]

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etrade broker

E-Trade Broker Review

There’s no escaping the advertising. If you’ve considered using an online broker, for practically any reason, you’ve probably considered E-Trade. After all, they’re one of the biggest, most heavily promoted online brokers in the country. Is the size and popularity of E-Trade a benefit for traders or a hindrance? Should you go with a smaller, […]

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Capital One Brokerage

**Capital One is now being run by ETrade and if you had an account with them it will be moved over. Capital One’s brokerage account is an average platform that is sufficient for personal wealth growth, retirement planning, and casual investing. I felt that the Capital One brokerage platform was a bit clunky and not […]

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