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Merill Edge

Merill Edge is a brokerage which attempts to combine the friendliness of an IRA management tool with the hardcore customizability of a day trader’s console. In my opinion, the casual trader should take a look at what Merill Edge has to offer. The primary draw of Merill Edge’s trading platform is its customizability rather than […]

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Options House Review

Optionshouse is now integrated with Etrade. Etrade’s OptionsHouse is a great brokerage platform that has quite a few of the features that any trader would want under one hood. OptionsHouse relies on the tried-and-tested experience of Etrade’s longstanding position within the brokerage industry, and the expertise shows through. If you’re a serious day trader or […]

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Charles Schwab Review

The Charles Schwab brand has been a powerhouse in the world of investing since they first opened their doors in 1973. With almost $3 trillion in client assets, they’re practically a force of nature in finance. But behind the iconic name, is Charles Schwab the right trading choice for your needs? I took an in-depth […]

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robinhood feature screenshot

Robinhood Broker Review

Robinhood is a unique brokerage platform that purports to be totally free and exists only on mobile devices. It’s an interesting concept, but in my opinion, it needs a lot more work before Robinhood is a viable brokerage. For those who are looking for an inside look at Robinhood as its features shape up and […]

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td ameritrade feature image investing

Scottrade Broker Review

Scottrade is now with TD Ameritrade Scottrade is the cutting edge brokerage that caters to seasoned traders and amateur investors alike. I like Scottrade for its combination of easy use and a deep feature set. In my experience, the Scottrade brokerage platform will please everyone who isn’t a professional trader. Part of the reason Scottrade […]

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SureTrader Review

Not for US residents SureTrader is the ultimate day trader console. It’s not cheap, and it’s not simple, but SureTrader will satisfy the needs of even the most hardcore traders. I must admit, the SureTrader software package was almost beyond my grasp. The first thing I noticed is that SureTrader’s brokerage platform is a naked […]

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td ameritrade feature image investing

Td Ameritrade Review

TD Ameritrade is very popular among basically all types of investors, and it’s easy to see why. They offer something for just about everyone: first-timers, veteran traders and everyone in-between. You can buy/sell stocks, prepare for retirement, learn investment strategies and more. A lot of people turn to TD Ameritrade for their investing needs. But […]

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feature image vanguard investments

Vanguard Brokerage Review

Vanguard is well known as the retirement account behemoth and offers brokerage accounts as well. To put it simply, Vanguard’s brokerage service is perfect for keeping your retirement account and performing a monthly trade or two. Vanguard’s brokerage platform holds your hand every step of the way and has a very readable and helpful glossary […]

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now with ally broker

Tradeking Broker Review

*TradeKing broker is now with Ally TradeKing is an interesting e-brokerage that combines a nice interface with a pretty good feature set. Ultimately, I think TradeKing falls short for casual traders as well as professional traders but may be of use to some anyway. The primary draw to TradeKing is its ease of use and […]

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motif investing screenshot

Motif Investing Review

Motif is a unique and fascinating startup brokerage platform. Whereas other platforms suffer from user education issues, complicated UIs, and Byzantine quantities of details, Motif creates a one of a kind sweet spot. Remarkably, Motif makes a major point out of ethical investing and offers a quiz to determine the user’s favorite issues so that […]

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