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screenshot merill edge website

Merill Edge

Merill Edge is a brokerage which attempts to combine the friendliness of an IRA management tool with the hardcore customizability of a day trader’s console. In my opinion, the casual trader should take a look at what Merill Edge has to offer. The primary draw of Merill Edge’s trading platform is its customizability rather than […]

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feature image wall street window

WallStreet Window Review

Online trading can be time-consuming, tricky and even downright frustrating. If you’re an active trader, sometimes the markets can feel like your whole world. Wall Street Window takes a different approach. Global financial markets don’t exist in a vacuum. Instead, they’re deeply linked to actions in the larger world. When you understand the major events […]

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2 screenshot of jason bond picks main page

Jason Bond Picks Review

Trading stocks is fast-paced and time intensive. Unfortunately, most people just can’t afford to devote so much time to all the research and effort successful trading requires. Saving time is where Jason Bond’s system can help. Bond and his team do the research on your behalf. They provide ten simple trades each week as teaching […]

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pennypro live trading room review

PennyPro: Live Trading Review

PennyPro has a slightly different emphasis than the typical stock day trading platform. They focus on stocks which range in price from $.001 to $5.00, where the trader captures momentum between 10 and 25%. They also offer a wide range of educational materials, real-time alerts and three to five swing trades per month. Whether you’re […]

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feature image for options house now etrade

Options House Review

Optionshouse is now integrated with Etrade. Etrade’s OptionsHouse is a great brokerage platform that has quite a few of the features that any trader would want under one hood. OptionsHouse relies on the tried-and-tested experience of Etrade’s longstanding position within the brokerage industry, and the expertise shows through. If you’re a serious day trader or […]

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charles schwab featured image screenchot

Charles Schwab Review

The Charles Schwab brand has been a powerhouse in the world of investing since they first opened their doors in 1973. With almost $3 trillion in client assets, they’re practically a force of nature in finance. But behind the iconic name, is Charles Schwab the right trading choice for your needs? I took an in-depth […]

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robinhood feature screenshot

Robinhood Broker Review

Robinhood is a unique brokerage platform that purports to be totally free and exists only on mobile devices. It’s an interesting concept, but in my opinion, it needs a lot more work before Robinhood is a viable brokerage. For those who are looking for an inside look at Robinhood as its features shape up and […]

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td ameritrade feature image investing

Scottrade Broker Review

Scottrade is now with TD Ameritrade Scottrade is the cutting edge brokerage that caters to seasoned traders and amateur investors alike. I like Scottrade for its combination of easy use and a deep feature set. In my experience, the Scottrade brokerage platform will please everyone who isn’t a professional trader. Part of the reason Scottrade […]

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