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Swing Trading Indicators

If there’s anything that the modern stock market has taught us, it’s that it’s no longer a matter of slow and steady wins the race. Sure, that long-term strategy exists, but as the proliferation of short-term strategies and day trading has demonstrated, armchair investors that do nothing more than read charts in front of their […]

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How to Build A Stock Watch List

How to Build a Stock Watch ListLists are a valuable tool in everyday life. They help make trips to the supermarket more efficient. They’re instrumental in making sure tasks around the house get completed. They prevent us from losing our minds during the holiday season. A good list is also a vital component to any […]

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How to Keep a Trade Journal

The journal is an excellent way to keep track of a person’s thoughts, plans, and desires. While it can be known as a diary to some, it’s real purpose is to preserve past events and associated behaviors so that we may be able to reflect upon where we were and how that influences where we’re […]

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free screening tools for the stock market

Stock Scanning and Screening Tools

Finding the right stock is tough work. Disciplined investors have a near-absurd volume of stocks they must dig through to unearth that one money-making gem; with the advent of the Internet and its associative proliferation of data, the art of finding the perfect stock can almost feel maddening. Fortunately, stock scanners can help savvy investors […]

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Swing Trading Strategies

A Look at Basic Swing Trading StrategiesSwing trading can be looked at as an ideal short-term trading strategy for investors that want to play the short game, but feel uneasy about becoming a day trader. By looking for and identifying trends over a period of several days or even a couple weeks, the swing trader […]

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