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Bulls on Wall Street is built from the ground up to teach you to trade – regardless of your experience level. They offer a variety of live features included a real-time chat room, up-to-the-minute Trade Watchlists and even a two month, interactive training course called the Bootcamp. Helmed by trading expert Kunal Desai and Paul Singn, subscription packages start at $99 a month.

Looking to improve your financial situation through online day trading? If you’re like most people, you’d rather develop your personal net worth sooner instead of later. Bulls on Wall Street is the trading platform designed for you.

With a variety of real-time alerts, chat rooms, and teaching tools, BullsOnWallStreet.com is an online trading website geared towards both amateur and veteran traders alike.

Is Bulls On Wall Street worth your time – or are there red flags you’ll want to avoid? I took an in-depth look at all of the services and features of this platform. Check out my complete review right now:

bulls on wall street screenshot

Services Provided:

Bulls on Wall Street offers a variety of opportunities to connect with and learn from professional day trading experts as well as the other traders who have subscribed to the site. Their landing page lets you jump right into the action with:

  • Day Trading Chatroom
  • Live Trading Courses
  • Day Trade and Swing Trade Alerts via Text and Email
  • Educational Material

Let’s take a look at each one:

Day Trading Chatroom

Most of the action takes place in the Bulls chat room. Here’s a look at a live trading chatroom:

bullschat trading chat room

If you’ve seen any other day trading chatrooms, there’s probably a lot here which looks pretty familiar. Interestingly, the layout is reversed from most other chatrooms I’ve seen, although that’s no big deal regarding functionality.

The chat stream is on the left. Subscribers are in green while the Bulls on Wall Street professionals in red. In this case, the pro in the chat room is Kunal Desai, the CEO and founder of the platform. He’s the one you’ll watch making live trades each market day.

(Kunal is the main man behind Bulls on Wall Street. I’ll go into greater detail about his story and experience later on in this review.)

The middle column shows Kunal’s trade moves as they happen. These are Buys and Sells of the various stocks. You can see the exact minute the deals are made.

The column on the far right is the list of subscribers currently in the room. You can Direct Message each user or even Mute them entirely. This probably will never be necessary, however, because everyone I interacted with was very nice and was only interested in talking about trading.

Live Trading Courses

video lessons and quizzes

While videos and articles certainly have their place in online instruction, often a live webinar is the best, easiest way to learn. As part of their commitment and focus on trader education, Bulls on Walls Street offer many live webinars.

bulls on wallstreet bootcamp

Their most popular course is the 60 Day Trading Bootcamp. The structure is very similar to a college course. Twenty-eight Live classes are held over a period of two months. Students will receive quizzes and even homework. While there’s no grade, of course, the idea is to test your knowledge so you’ll know what area you understand and what areas you might want to work on.

The Trading Bootcamp covers everything from the basics of the stock market to advanced topics such as trade setups and more. During the classes, you can ask questions and otherwise interact with both the teacher and the other students.

Part Trade Alerts (Swing Trade Alerts)

Successful trading takes a lot of time and focus. You can’t expect to make money by trading online unless you’re focused on the market entirely during the trading day. Unfortunately, many new traders have day jobs and other obligations which prevent them from trading effectively.

Bulls on Wall Street offers an effective solution. Their part-time and swing trade alerts are sent directly to your email or phone. The Bulls on Wall Street team does the research and then let you instantly know about which stocks are the best ones to trade.

Of course, these Alerts are valuable for making trades on your own. But they’re also a great teaching tool. You can use the alerts to watch expert investors make their moves in real time.

Swing Trade Alerts including the following:

  • Two to five stocks picks each week
  • Daily “Watchlist” video
  • Weekly market analysis

Educational Material

Aside from the live trading courses, you can also learn at your pace through the blog section. Here’s what that looks like:

daily stock watchlist

The posts are a mix between standalone topics on trading in general and Trading Watchlists. The Watchlists are a recap of the current trading day. They help you understand the trading session which just ended while also preparing you for tomorrow’s trading day.

The Bulls on Wall Street Team

CEO and main trader Kunal Desai first launched the platform in 2009. Social media was reaching never-before-seen heights of popularity, and Bulls of Wall Street was designed to capitalize on that. Originally, they used social media to provide real-time, actionable trading info to subscribers.

The business grew quickly after that. They migrated to their site and added email alerts, educational content and – perhaps most importantly – a trading chat room. Now traders could connect with each other instantly throughout the trading day. Even better, trading experts could provide real-time instructions to many trading novices all at one time while using real world examples. The chat rooms included full audio and video streaming, too.

stock trader Kunal Desai

In 2012, Kunal Desai noticed that many of the traders on his site were inexperienced. These new traders filled the chat room with questions about the specifics of trading. Kunal decided the platform should focus on a new direction: education.

A massive influx of training and instruction material was added including:

  • Day Trading Chat Room
  • Email and Text Alerts
  • Audio and Video Streaming
  • 60 Day Trading Bootcamp

Today, Kunal and his team have built a platform equally focused on both education and money-making. The site’s success has even focused the spotlight on Kunal, who is considered a trading superstar. He’s spoken at the Trader and Investor Summit and the Traders4ACause. He’s also been covered by Inc.com, BroBible, and the Huffington Post. Despite the media attention, he’s still in the trading chat room on Bulls at Wall Street during the entire trading day.

Aside from Kunal, Paul Singn is another important person at Bulls on Wall Street. Paul is in charge of the part-time (swing) trading program. Years ago, he turned a $5,000 initial investment into a full-time income. He has 18 years of experience with part-time trades. So far, his performance to date for this year is a positive 20%.

Subscription Plans and Prices

Bulls on Wall Street has three pricing plans:

plans pricing and features

All plans offer the same features. The biggest difference is the price. The longer subscription you commit to, the more you’ll save. Paying for each month individually is $99. If you pay for an entire year, the monthly cost is lowered to $49. The Annual Plan also includes access to the platform’s Intro to Trading Course.

As with most online trading platforms, there are no refunds. This is because you’re primarily buying know-how and instruction. There is also no free trial – but there a few free product samples, in a sense.

market essentials trading lesson

If you want more information before buying anything, I recommend signing up for the free Weekly Swing Trade Report. There are also some free videos you can watch on the site, including a sample lesson from the Trading Bootcamp. From these, you should be able to get a good sense of whether the site appeals to you.

Personally, I almost never recommend the most expensive price plan for new investors. Instead, I recommend choosing the one month plan. At just $99, you’re not making a huge financial commitment. Also, if you follow the lessons provided, it’s not a far stretch to anticipate making at least $100 in one month of day trading.

If you decide that day trading is for you and Bulls on Wall Street has the features you like, a longer subscription makes a lot of sense. You’re getting a year’s worth of access at the cost of only six months.


  • Great learning tools. The entire site is built with education in mind. There are multiple ways to learn including live classes, forums, and videos. Unlike many other services, even the chatroom is designed to help novice traders learn.
  • Prices. At just $99, this service is priced on the low end of online day trading services. Even the annual plan is a great value. Just be sure you like the platform before you make any big financial commitment because there are no refunds.
  • Site design. There’s just something nice about the design of the entire site. Navigation is easy; the videos are professionally made, and the chat window runs without problem.


  • Blogs. I wish the blog section had a bit more content to offer. While the existing backlog is deep, new blog posts are often about the current day’s trades. This has benefits, but I’d like to see some more general interest trading topics, too.
  • Live courses. To be clear, the live courses are great. But because they’re live, you miss out if you’re unavailable to watch. All courses are available to watch later, but you won’t be able to interact with the instructors and classmates.

Are Bulls on Wall Street Worth the Money?

I would say “yes” for at least a one-month subscription. The prices are low compared to similar platforms, but the quality of the service is very high. If the free video and general look of the site appeal to you, I’d say signing up for a one month plan carries very little risk. While obviously there are no guarantees in day trading, I think it seems pretty reasonable to think the tools and instruction available on the site should earn you at least your money back in a month.

As far as a longer subscription, there’s no one right answer. Learning how to day trade can be a long process. If you’re serious about learning from this site, I’d highly recommend their Trading Boot Camp, which takes 60 days. Personally, I think the Annual plan is a much better deal than the Semi-Annual plan. Plus, once you find a platform you like, there’s no reason to switch to a different one. So for those interested in the site, I’d recommend the Annual plan over the Semi-Annual.


Bulls on Wall Street is all about the speed of day trading. The real-time chat room, instant alerts, and the daily watchlists are all about keeping up with the ever-changing market.

At the same time, Bulls on Wall Street is slow and comfortable for amateur traders. While veteran traders will enjoy the chat room and daily watchlist, much of the site is geared towards those who want to learn about online day trading.

The Bootcamp is the real star here for trading novices. This two-month course is like taking an online trading class down at your local community college – only you attend online and don’t have to worry about grades!

Bulls on Wall Street is a great choice for beginners, especially those who want to learn by video, web conference, chat and other live events. The pros behind the site are experienced and accessible. The site itself is easy to navigate and functions smoothly.

Have you participated in the Bulls on Wall Street Bootcamp or otherwise used the platform? Share your experience in the comments below:

Bulls on Wall Street: Stock Day Trading Platform Review
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Bulls On Wall Street

Summary: Bulls on Wall Street is built from the ground up to teach you to trade – regardless of your experience level. They offer a variety of live features included a real-time chat room, up-to-the-minute Trade Watchlists and even a two month, interactive training course called the Bootcamp. Helmed by trading expert Kunal Desai and Paul Singn, subscription packages start at $99 a month.

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