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Breakpoint Trades has a lot of investment services including daily and weekly newsletters. Each newsletter is filled with detailed charts and expert commentary. But there’s a distinct lack of info about the people behind the services. I recommend the Intro Membership before purchasing additional services.

Founded in 2002, Breakpoint Trades offers a variety of financial services including a newsletter, a trading watch list, a community of traders and much more. Is Breakpoint Trades a good way to build your financial portfolio?

I took a complete look at Breakpoint Trades. I checked out their company history and reputation, past results and more. Most investors are mainly interested in the newsletters, so I spent a lot of time researching those.

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Services Offered

Most financial newsletters are written by one person. Breakpoint is a little different. Instead of a personal newsletter, they’re a financial news and analysis website. While the newsletter is one of their most popular services, the company also offers:

  • Watch List for trades
  • A robust trading community
  • Automated systems
  • Futures Academy
  • Market Lab
  • Real-time alerts
  • Trading tools

Here’s a look at the main navigation bar from their home page:

They place a lot of emphasis on detailed charts. Here’s a look:

interesting entry charts

Subscribers also have access to Breakpoint’s powerful SPY Professional System. This is their custom system which makes between 10 to 15 trades a year (about one a month). There’s an average hold time of 14 to 30 days for each trade. The SPY system is ideal for people who can’t follow the market very closely but still want to make informed trades.


There are three different types of newsletters:

  • Intraweek Market Analysis – A nightly snapshot of the day’s market activity
  • Comprehensive Weekend Newsletter – An in-depth look at larger trends
  • Weekend Commodity Newsletter – Additional long-term analysis

Each newsletter is available directly on the website and can also be downloaded as a PDF. You also have the option to listen to each newsletter. An audio version of each one automatically plays for subscribers. (You can turn the audio off if you wish.)

When I opened my first newsletter, I felt a bit overwhelmed. Their newsletters are some of the most information-dense I’ve ever seen! Fortunately, navigation is pretty easy:

  • One: General Market Analysis with Commentary
  • Two: In-Depth Examination of Major Market Segments
  • Three: US Dollar, Select Commodities, Precious Metals and GDX/GDXJ
  • Four: Future Trade Ideas

The newsletter can be read in two ways. You can directly skip to the relevant section, read the latest info and start trading right away. You can also sit back and leisurely read the newsletter when you have more free time. Aside from daily tips, the newsletters provide long-term strategies for trading success.

Listening to the entire newsletter through the on-page audio player takes about 30 minutes. Following along with the audio was my favorite way to use the newsletter. Each newsletter contains about 60 images, and they’re referred to by number throughout the audio. Following along is pretty easy.

The General Market Analysis Section covers the following:

  • Major Indexes
  • Market Sectors
  • Currencies
  • Commodities
  • Precious Metals
  • Bonds

Underneath the Market Analysis Section are over 50 live charts. These show live results of individual stocks which are discussed in the Breakpoint analysis. Individual data points are often annotated by the Breakpoint team. Here’s an example:

Real-Time Trade Analysis

Trade alerts are available to instantly notify you throughout the trading day. You can then decide if the stock matches your trading style. It’s a great way to stay in touch with the market without having to pay constant attention.

Subscription Prices and Plans

Breakpoint offers three levels of membership including a limited trial. As with any investment newsletter, you don’t want to make any long-term service commitments until you’ve had a chance to thoroughly check out the service. Here are the subscription options:

Introductory Membership $9.99

This is a great way to check out the site without signing up for a long-term subscription. For just $9.99, you get access to all services on the website for 21 days. But keep an eye on the calendar. On day 22, you’ll automatically be charged $79.00 unless you cancel beforehand or choose another plan.

Pro-Trader Monthly Membership $79.99

This is their standard subscription plan. You get all services on the website including daily newsletters, trading tools and access to the online community. You also get access to their SPY Professional System.

Pro-Trader Quarterly Membership $210

This is a three-month plan which includes all available features. Quarterly Membership offers a savings of about 10% compared to the month-to-month options.

Pro-Trader Six Month Plan $300

If you commit to a longer subscription plan, you’ll save almost 50% on the total cost. Plus, this subscription plan includes the SPY Professional System. Note that this six-month plan is marked as a sale on the site, but the sale seems to be never-ending.


  • Detailed daily newsletters
  • Unique SPY system
  • Engaged community of traders


  • Very little info about the people behind the company
  • Charts might be too complicated for new traders

Is Breakpoint Trades the Right Choice for You?

If you want a lot of market information, both daily and weekly, Breakpoint Trades delivers. They’re a great solution if you like to draw your own conclusions but don’t have the time or know-how to chart market performance.

Breakpoint Trades also offers market commentary and financial advice. Here’s where I’m a bit hesitant to give the service a high recommendation. There’s nothing wrong with the advice they give, but I don’t know much about who’s giving it.

There’s practically no information about the people behind Breakpoint Trades. Most financial newsletters are written by individuals. If one person is behind Breakpoint Trades, they’re not very publicly known. You’ll have to decide for yourself how much that matters to you.


Breakpoint offers fantastic information — and lots of it! Plus, they’re one of the few investing newsletters to include audio. Listening to the newsletter allowed me the freedom to work on other projects, exercise, clean the house, etc. I really liked that aspect.

I’m not too thrilled about the lack of biographical information. This makes some of their financial advice a bit questionable. Fortunately, you can read the newsletter and make your own decisions – as long as that’s something you’re comfortable doing.

If you’re interested in Breakpoint, I recommend the $9.99 Introductory Membership. You’ll have 21 days to explore the site. In just three weeks, you’ll get a ton of content and see if the site suits your trading style.

For an information-hungry trader who wants little guidance, Breakpoint is worth checking out. Everyone else might be better served elsewhere.

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Breakpoint Trades: Review
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Breakpoint Trades

Summary: Breakpoint Trades has a lot of investment services including daily and weekly newsletters. Each newsletter is filled with detailed charts and expert commentary. But there’s a distinct lack of info about the people behind the services. I recommend the Intro Membership before purchasing additional services.

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