elon musk sources own inverters

Weekly Roundup 08/07/2016

Image credit Bloomberg.com Monday August 1: Energy Stocks, Oil, Major Indices All Lower A fresh round of M&A announcements wasn’t sufficient to overcome the bearish sentiment caused by declining oil prices as the major indices ended the day in the red. Tesla Motors (TSLA) announced it plans to acquire its sister-company, SolarCity (SCTY) for $2.6 […]

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stock market types

Stock Types Broken Down

How Many Types Of Stock Are There? There are a lot of different types of stock available out there, but some are more readily available than others. Common Stock Just as the name implies, this is the most common type of stock out there. Each share entitles you to a percentage of dividends at the […]

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what is a stock anyway

What Is A Stock Anyway?

Stock is essentially a small part of any company. Firms sell stock to raise capital for further investment or to get a company started. Without this method of raising capital, many companies would not be able to experience a high level of success or even get started. The number of shares of stock can vary […]

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yahoo gets bought by verizon logos

Weekly Roundup 07/31/2016

Monday July 25: Stocks Modestly Lower As Oil Loses 2% Crude oil futures fell more than 2.5 percent on Monday which sparked a small sell-off in the equity market. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was the largest decliner among the three major indices and lost 0.42 percent, or 78 points. Many investors and traders noticed […]

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Netflix Troubles this week

Weekly Roundup 07/23/2016

Monday July 18: S&P Index Closes At Another All-Time High Investors and traders brushed off the attempted coup in Turkey over the weekend and helped push the S&P index to close at a new historical all-time high. Monday’s trading action started off with a major M&A announcement. Japan-based SoftBank agreed to acquire UK-based in a […]

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top stock market help books

Top 10: Must Read Investing Books

Knowledge is a great key to success. Not only does it help you explore new ideas, but it can give you a better understanding of how to deal with any situation. For investment, reading is a must if you have the desire to be successful in the market. Here are the top 10 books that […]

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investment scam in the stock market

Detecting an Investment Scam

“A fool and his money are soon parted.” Thus sayeth the classic statement. When it comes to the world of investing, the sad reality is that there are no shortage of unscrupulous types trying to use investment scams to turn you into the fool. They all offer variations of the same end game; that is, […]

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