stock charting bollinger bands

Bollinger Bands

You know you’ve arrived if you’ve had something named for you. It’s safe to say, then, that famed technical trader John Bollinger hit this mark. The creation of his trading indicator, known as Bollinger Bands, has been helping technical analysts maximize profits and minimizing risks for over 30 years now, using the principle of adjustment […]

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INO Marketclub Review

MarketClub is a browser based trading platform; the platform offers a two week free trial followed by monthly membership of $59/month, quarterly membership of $150/quarter, and annual membership of $449/year. Signing up for the free trial is smooth and easy but understanding all the different features is a different story. After a thorough testing of […]

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buying stocks online today

Buying Your First Stocks

Stocks come in a variety of options. While a stock overall is a common thing to trade and buy, the different variations make it difficult for some to understand just how the trading is done. This valuable investment allows for partial company ownership, which helps many businesses make their profit. When many people think of […]

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1 stock market brokers in a large building

Choosing a Stock Broker

Brokers help make investing easier, as they are paid to handle the work for those that do not fully understand the process of doing so. The first broker, a person, chooses often varies greatly between the brokers utilized after years of making investment decisions. Choosing the right broker plays a major role in ensuring the […]

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elon musk sources own inverters

Weekly Roundup 08/07/2016

Image credit Monday August 1: Energy Stocks, Oil, Major Indices All Lower A fresh round of M&A announcements wasn’t sufficient to overcome the bearish sentiment caused by declining oil prices as the major indices ended the day in the red. Tesla Motors (TSLA) announced it plans to acquire its sister-company, SolarCity (SCTY) for $2.6 […]

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stock market types

Stock Types Broken Down

How Many Types Of Stock Are There? There are a lot of different types of stock available out there, but some are more readily available than others. Common Stock Just as the name implies, this is the most common type of stock out there. Each share entitles you to a percentage of dividends at the […]

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