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Investools is a great website for traders that operate on a 6-12 month timeframe. It does not have tools for day trading or swing trading but it does have institutional appeal due to the heavy research focus. Traders that use a combination of fundamental and technical analysis will benefit from Investools the most. In addition, having retirement calculators and fund analyzers one the website reinforces the long term outlook this website is tailored to. Admittedly, there are many parts of Investools that feel like Yahoo! Finance and the value come primarily from the searches and the scanners.

Investools is a services offered by TD Amertirade. Free trial is available by going to and selecting “Try Investools Free”

investools course selector page

Access to Investools is free for 7 days and traders can test all the functions this website has to offer. The home page is rather simple with quotes and headlines:

Home Page

investools main page

Essentially Investools breaks down to three large portions: Learning Center, Investor ToolBox, and Community.

Learning Center

the learning center

Learning Center has a full curriculum that is split into four main sections, Portfolio Program, Stocks Program, Options Program, and Premier Program. Within each four sections are subsections that take a deeper dive into various topics.

quick start learning pathways

For illustration purposes we clicked into Portfolio Management under Portfolio Program and the courses have an online class look and feel.

portfolio managment overview

Each course starts with online course work and depending on price level you can get into various levels of coaching. Typical flow of a course starts with online coursework, then moves to workshops, then depending on how much you are willing to pay you can receive different coaching options.

service costs and features

For those wishing to save some time, Capstone is another way to learn the topics. Capstone is a three-day in-person, interactive class led by a team of Investools and thinkorswim by TD Ameritrade instructors. These are mostly in person and to attend one needs to contact Enrollment Counselors.

On top of courses and capstone, there are tutorials, trading rooms, and online coaching.

Tutorials explores various different topics and for Portfolio management here are the topics:

tutorials for your portfolio management

Trading Rooms allow you to get more out of your course by watching top coaches apply concepts in real time. In each session, the presenter uses tools in the Investor Toolbox® to apply fundamental concepts taught in the online course. Each Trading Room session is recorded and archived for your convenience. Trading Rooms® are the perfect companion to the online course and Coaching Program.

trading room supscriptions

Online Coaching allows one to listen in as one of Investools’ instructors talk about what’s happening in the market right now. Find out how breaking news events can affect your investments and ways to adjust your portfolio to take advantage of these changes as they happen. Online coaching is open 14 continuous hours every trading day, provides real-time commentary by people who trade in the markets every day, allows one to interact so one can ask questions about specific investing examples.

One-to-One Coaching provides help on a personal level. It gives you someone who can bounce trading ideas around with you and remind you of important concepts.

Another important link that can be helpful for investors are Market Commentaries.

upcoming trading events

Investor Toolbox®

This part of Investools provides the bulk of value in terms of research, trading, and staying up-to-date.

market 360 snapshot

Market 360®

Market 360 provides an overview for all the markets in the world. You can also separate performance by sectors, markets, individual stocks, and industries. The screen shot below shows the performance of Global Market (ACWI) Index. One can also toggle chart views and see various information regarding components of Global Markets.

market 360 extended

The view above shows 1 year performance for the four market components while the view below shows other time frames as well as close, high, low, and volume.

global market view

Last view provides a graphical illustration of the market components. This is best suited for graphical people and can be useful to see the journey each security took to arrive at today’s close.

market 360 charts

Corporate Snapshot

corporate snapshot (apple inc)

One can also compare charts with other companies. In this example we compared Apple with Facebook and Netflix.

stock comparison snapshot


Financials page give subscribers an overview of all the pertinent financial information related to the company.

financials in depth financials in-depth cont. price performance tdameritrade

Earnings Estimate

Here subscribers can get earnings estimates, earnings comparisons, and analyst recommendations. This is a good place to learn about Wall Street’s expectations for the company.

earnings estimate


This is an added value to Investools as it provides options table for optionable securities. One can also get a Option Greek table and a Black-Scholes Calculator to value options.

listed options

options greeks

Insider Trading

insider trading information

Quarterly Earnings

This is useful for fundamental traders that trade off of earnings growth and trends.

quarterly earnings breakdown

Trend Analysis

This page is helpful for investors that focus on fundamental trends, some look for improving margins, others look for improving growth rates and this is an easy place to find all that information.

Trend analysis

Valuation Analysis

This quick stop calculator is one of the rarer features to find on trading websites. This page allows you to use EPS Discount Method, Free Cash Flow Discount Method, and Dividend Discount Method. It also allows you to adjust growth rate, growth multiples, and discount rate to arrive at an intrinsic value. This is pure fundamental analysis and is a strong positive for fundamentals traders.

growth rate results

Other pages have a strong Yahoo! Finance look and feel with Historical Quotes that allow you to download historical open, close, high, low, and volume. Company news that gives you all the breaking headlines. Last but not least the three SEC Filings: Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement.


In the portfolio page you can create your own portfolio and conduct analysis on your holdings. In our hypothetical Apple portfolio we have Apple as our holdings. Analysis involved Alerts, AutoAnalyzer, Technicals, and Thumbnails.

detailed portfolio view


This allows you to set alerts on your holdings. Alerts can be sent via email and the alerts are useful for trading and managing positions.



This page runs position scores based on Investools’ proprietary metrics.



This website focuses on price and volume indicators. Unfortunately, one cannot change the presets to other technical indicators and must stick with the defaults.

technical analysis


This final tab allows one to take a glance at all their positions with charts and ratings. This is a convenient place to track your positions.

all in one thumbnails


PaperMoney® account allows one to practice trading in a simulated environment. To access paperMoney account one needs to install the thinkorswim from TD Ameritrade paperMoney platform. Essentially this is a paper trading account.

Sub Industry Groups

There are many different approaches to analyzing the stock market. Most investors use one of two ways: First, identifying whether the market is an uptrend or downtrend and then finding stocks that are also moving in that direction; or second, looking for individual stocks that have undervalued characteristics.


There is a third type of analysis, which can perform like the general market and still provide you with a diversified portfolio: industry group analysis. Each industry group index is a composite of many individual stocks and thus acts like a separate mini stock market. Studies have shown that a stock’s industry group can be responsible for at least 50% of the stock’s movement. The features of investor toolbox allow you to perform solid industry group analysis to help you remain diversified and increase your portfolio returns.

sub industry overview

The chart above shows best and worst sub industry performer for a day. There is also a performance period list and a weekly best performers list.

Performance Period List

performance over a period

Weekly Best Performer List

weekly best performers chart


InvestorToolbox also provides lists of stocks to add to watchlists. One can pick any of the Turbosearches using backtested information or use any of the numerous prebuilt searches on the website.

By right clicking on the link one can also get a description of the Turbo Search. Top Backtested Scores means this search provides investors with results from all backtested searches and generates a list of only those stocks with very positive Phase 1 scores. This simplistic strategy screens the backtested search results and eliminates all stocks with a positive Phase 1 score below five and stocks with F/E scores below 3.25.

backtested prebuilt searches stocks by categories

ETF Searches

ETF Searches is a differentiator from other websites. Most sites focus on individual stocks but ETFs are gaining momentum in the investment community and can be a great vehicle to invest in.

prebuilt etf searches

Strategy Searches

Another useful screener/search is to look for stocks that fit your strategy. This is a great function and can be useful if the strategy fits your own. The strategies are split into two types, bullish strategies and bearish strategies.

Bullish Trading search archives

Naked Puts for Bullish Stock

Selling naked puts can be a great way to either generate income or buy stocks at a discount. This search is designed to find fundamentally strong stocks in a bullish up trend that are getting ready to move up off support.

Cornerstone Growth Search

After backtesting technical and fundamental trading systems for more than 50 years, William J. O’Shaughnessy concluded that undervalued stocks with high relative strength tend to outperform the rest.

Uptrending – No Excuses!

This search is the fail-safe, end-all of bullish searches. Can’t find uptrending stocks in other searches? Worry no more! This search has got your back.

Bull Call Leaps

These are some simple criteria which can be put into Power Pro Search to find stocks that are in a long term uptrend but that have recently pulled back to a potentially significant support.

Fast and Furious Growth

This is an extreme growth search. The fastest growth criteria in our search engine are maxed out in the “high as possible” range. The intent is to find stand-alone growth stocks. This search also turns up the fastest moving stocks in industries that are cycling into favor. All of the criteria are for a year or less, so don’t expect these to have strong historical strength. There are no value ratio criteria affixed to keep prices in check.

Super-Charged Optionable Growth Stocks

Super-Charged optionable growth stocks is for “growth stock” investors that may want to leverage that growth with options. These stocks have a beta coefficient of between 1.5 and 2. This means that these stocks have historically moved more strongly than the broad market. Notice that the prices are confined to the low prices ($10-$25), which leaves a lot of room for upside moves. The temptation to leverage these by playing the options for truly “supercharged” returns should be irresistible.

In Search of Gordon Gekko

“Greed, for lack of a better term, is good,” said Gordon Gekko (from the movie Wall Street). For all those who want to buy when Mr. Gekko is buying, this search has something to offer. Obviously, we are not referring to corporate raiders trading illegally. Insider trading occurs not when executives exercise their stock options but when they buy stock using their own money. The more stock insiders are buying, the more confident you can be in the future performance of the company.

High EPS Growth in Optionable Stocks near Support

This search looks for potential opportunities in call options for the short to intermediate term trader. I have included three key components to find stocks that have improving fundamentals, call options with high open interest and price near support. This combination can provide short term upside potential while helping minimize risk.

It’s All About the Cash Flow

Good growth stocks can be hard to come by and even harder to identify. There are several ways to identify a growth stock, but the one this search concentrates on is finding companies growing their cash flow above the average rate. The biggest reason for this approach is it tends to reduce the significance of accounting choices a company uses and instead focuses on a company’s ability to earn.

Growth Stocks With Positive Money Flow

The Chaikin Money Flow indicator measures price movement relative to volume. It is based on a theory similar to the accumulation/distribution ratio. However, instead of only measuring changes in volume relative to price movement, Chaikin Money Flow considers the actual price range. Specifically, it calculates where a stock closed relative to its intraday range proportionate to volume. This indicator works well when combined with other technical indicators to confirm the strength of an upward tre

Inexpensively Valued Long-Term Growth Stocks

Conservative growth investors look for two characteristics in a stock: history of growth and cheap valuation. This search is designed to identify such stocks. Specifically, it screens for stocks with a track record of year-over-year quarterly EPS growth and a price-to-book (P/B) multiple of 2.0 or below.

Cash Flow Positive Stocks With Upward Trends

One of the most accepted measures of valuation is cash flow. This is because free cash flow is ultimately what builds shareholder value; whether paid back in the form of dividends or invested back into the company to fund future growth.

Three Green Arrows with Strong Dividends

This search identifies dividend paying stocks currently showing technical buy signs. This is a hybrid search that satisfies the urgency of finding a strong-dividend stock as it is confirming a bounce up from support.

Good Value plus Earnings

This search looks for stocks trading at good values and showing signs of improving earnings. In the perfect world investors find stocks that are under valued based on their current price and their future earnings. Once investors find such a stock they buy and the buying creates technical signals. As with any search this is just a starting point for further analysis.

Optionable Value Stocks with Above Average Yields

This search screens for optionable stocks selling at P/E Ratio multiples between 10 and 20 and an above average dividend yield of at least 3%. The reason you want the P/E Ratio to be at least 10 is because a low P/E Ratio indicates no confidence by the market in the company’s future. A 6% dividend yield upper limit is imposed because a high yield can also indicate a lack of confidence in the company’s future performance.

More Fuel for the Fire

When you think of creating the perfect search, value is a must. If the stock you buy is in a good industry with strong fundamentals, up-trending and sustaining volume, wouldn’t it be nice to know that it’s also on sale? That is precisely what this search accomplishes. By adding value components to a well-rounded search, you add fuel to stocks blazing their way up the chart.

Three Green Arrow Search

Three Green Arrows search is a strategy designed to aid investors in identifying stocks that are showing technical buy signals. Stocks with technical breakout signals could achieve price increases in the short term. Remember to evaluate all of your stocks so you are trading with the trend and that they have acceptable phase 1 and 2 scores.

High Beta Stocks Gaining Momentum

This search can be divided into two parts: the High Beta is designed to identify stocks that have had historically high levels of volatility and are likely to remain volatile in the future. High levels of volatility provide traders with essentially a two-edged sword – stocks can make rapid and material moves to upside, but they can also make similar moves to the downside. From an options perspective, this can be key to obtaining short-term profits.

Uptrending Stocks with Good Momentum

Most momentum searches are primarily composed of technical indicators showing what a stock’s price has recently done and what it is likely to do in the future. What it is doing now and what it will do in the future is based on what we have seen this and other stocks do in the past when they have been in the same situation. Technical analysis is usually better at predicting short-term movements in a stock’s price, making this search better for short-term plays.

Stocks with Accelerating Earnings

Earnings growth is an often-used indicator to identify potential investment candidates. Most commonly, earnings growth is looked at in terms of annualized increases, or the percentage change in profits on a yearly basis. Though this is a valid manner in which to judge a company’s performance, it is not the only way to analyze profitability. Many analysts who rely on computer models often look at rate of change in earnings, in addition to the actual percentile growth. The theory behind this i

The Notorious Squeeze Play

It would be rare that to mention John Bollinger in front of a trader have them draw a blank. If you find yourself drawing a blank right now, here is some background. John Bollinger is one of the best-known analysts, market commentators, and market technicians in the industry. He is also the creator of Bollinger Bands, a technical indicator we will look at in this search.

Get Ready, Set, Grow!!

While the market is seemingly moving at a snail’s pace these past couple of years, it’s nice to find stocks that may have increasingly strong momentum. The Get Ready, Set, Grow!! Search attempts to identify optionable stocks that have historically low price to earnings ratios, and stocks that are demonstrating fresh accumulation from Institutions. In other words, this search identifies undervalued stocks that have upside potential.

Bullish Stocks with Low MACD

Do you like to play call options on uptrending Growth stocks? Do you want to find those strong stocks as they find their “higher lows” and get ready to take off in a crazy growth spurt? Like most option swing traders, do you like to enter as the stock bounces up from support? Bullish Stocks with Low MACD is for you! This tool will find stocks that give you upside potential just as the move begins. Remember that even the best stocks fluctuate while they uptrend.

New Deluxe Great Earnings, Sales, Cash Flow Growth

One of the most popular searches on the toolbox is Great Earnings, Sales and Cash Flow Growth. It is popular for good reason, it is looking at some of the most important fundamental qualities that one should be looking for in a stock. The New Deluxe Great Earnings, Sales, Cash Flow Growth search is built upon the same foundation of the original. However, it does carry some very important enhancements.

Quality and Technicals, Perfect Combination

For those searching for stocks that pay dividends, finding that perfect stock that has good fundamentals and strong technical performance can be a challenge. The “Quality and technicals, perfect combination” search is designed to look for both qualities. The fundamentals look for strong dividend growth over 5 years as well as high dividend payouts. Apart from the dividends that are paid, a fundamental rank is used to look for stocks that rank well with things such as debt equity and cash flow.

Searching for a Bullish Breakout

Often times a good way to identify a bullish trade is to look for a stock that is making a new high. A stock that is at a new high is above any recent resistance, is in an upward trend, and usually comes from an industry group that is trending up. Stocks that result from this search should be good candidates either buying the stock or purchasing calls.

Screening for Potential LEAPS Calls

LEAPS, or long term equity anticipation series, are a powerful way to take advantage of a longer term movement in a stock while using the leverage of options. Obviously the most important factor for success in trading LEAPS is stock selection. Unfortunately not all optionable stocks have LEAPS options available, however the ones that do tend to have similar characteristics: they tend to be large, fairly stable companies that have experienced steady growth over the years.

The January Effect

Small-capitalized stocks have a tendency to outperform large-cap stocks at the turn of the new year. In an 11-year period from 1970- 1981, small-cap stocks averaged 16.4 percent against a 1.9 percent average for large-cap stocks during the 5-day period starting with the last day of December. The January Effect screens for stocks that are setting up for a strong ongoing trend.

Uptrending Stocks with Strong ERG

Uptrending Stocks with Strong ERG is looking for very strong trending stocks that also belong to a strong industry group. In addition to this we are using a high ERG score to find stocks with high phase 1 scores. This search also uses some technical criteria to find stocks that are currently above both the 50 day and 200 day moving average, allowing for a longer term holding period. We have also included a requirement for a high accumulation/distribution score

Momentum Search for Calls

When one is looking for immediate entry in equity option trades, it is helpful to look for breakout signals and high volume. The stocks that are moving because of a breakout are good candidates for more aggressive option traders. Momentum Search for Calls uses criteria that will help identify those situations.

Early Calls

This search is looking to find the same type of stock as some of my other searches. I want to find a stock that is trending up just bouncing off the moving average or some other level of support. The “Early Calls” search is designed to find stocks on which to buy a call. We want to find the opportunity before the stock makes its move.

Show me the Money…and early calls too

Bullish, Bearish, can’t decide? Don’t! Instead, simply look for stocks poised to make a move based on the momentum of their increasing investment capital. How do you do that? Well you could place a call to the investor relations group of the Fortune 1000 companies, collect and compare their responses to a 5 question survey you’d give them about sales of their stock and sort out those that could demonstrate they had increasing investor money. Then again, you could simply run this search.

The Best Offense is a Good Defense

In a bearish market one of the best places to invest is in defensive stocks. Defensive stocks are stocks that remain stable under tough economic conditions. They serve as an area of safety for investors. As the market continues to fall, defensive stocks in defensive sectors are starting to see more attention from institutional investors. This search is designed to find companies that are in those defensive groups and will flourish during market pullbacks.

All That Glitters Is Gold

Top Down analysis is a method of searching for stocks that involves a study of the overall market, then narrowing down to Sectors, Industry Groups, and eventually stocks.

Four ways to make money on stocks

The Four Ways To Make Money On Stocks search makes use of several different components. ERG to screen for a stock from a strong industry group, Chaikin Money Flow to look for buying pressure. Relative Performance over the most recent you to screen for a stock in a strong up-trend, and a component to look for a high dividend paying stock.

Show me the . . . CANSLIM!

The Show me the CANSLIM search is focused on William O’Neil, and his investment strategy. Mr. O’Neil developed a method for finding stocks that is now used by over 600 institutional investors around the world. The method is called CANSLIM. Each letter in the acronym stands for a key element dealing with fundamental or technical analysis.

Spring Into It!

Sometimes companies just need a “shot in the arm” to help motivate their prices. Earnings season can be just what it takes to help motivate prices. The Spring Into It is a growth search that attempts to find those stocks that are projected to have higher earnings over the coming fiscal year. It also attempts to find moderately priced, optionable stocks that have had good sales growth over the past year.

Try To Make A Dollar Out Of Fifteen Cents!

This is a term I have heard many times throughout my trading career about buying growth stocks. If you think of the idea, we are attempting to find a stock that will outperform the market going forward. If our plan goes accordingly we will be able to take a relatively small investment and achieve explosive growth over the life of the trade. The trick is finding the right stock that is going to do just that.

New Institutional Attention with Dividends

Technical traders look for areas of accumulation as an indication of ongoing strength. Fund managers that want to take on a sizeable position for their particular fund may do it over time to avoid pushing the price of the security up on them. If the fund manager is moving into the position over time it can draw attention to the stock which in turn can assist in moving the price to higher levels.

Value and Volume!

Decisions are being made every day on what to buy and what to sell. Large portfolios are investing and divesting constantly. Investments don’t rest, and neither should you. Even on the lightest trading days there are stocks that make extraordinary moves. The ones that make a big move over time (trend) are often solid values as they begin and become more volatile as lower confidence speculators hop in and out.

Simple Search to Bullish Stocks

It’s back and it’s better than ever! With the recent volatility of the market, many investors are prone to ask, “Where can I find stocks with a strong relative performance poised for high future returns?” The Simple Search to Bullish Stocks is designed to locate stocks with a high ERG, strong Accumulation / Distribution Current and have a bullish potential for option investors.

High Sales and Inventory Turnover

How does a company become a hot growth stock? Most of the time it is due to a hot product, hype, and good management. To me, efficient management means that a company can produce a product at low cost and get it out the door as fast as possible. Although there are other factors that influence a company’s performance, if a company cannot produce a product well or sell it, it won’t go far.

Price Pattern Breakouts

The first thing that came to my mind when thinking of a value search for this week was to try and create a search that could find price patterns. As of today we have no searches on the website that can pull patterns of any sort. However, for those of you out there that use price pattern breakouts as trade signals you know how valuable a search like this could be.

Miracle Growth

How many times have you gone to the county fair to see the tomato the size of a car? I have often thought to myself while at those events, ‘how do they grow that tomato so big?’ The answer is miracle growth! This search is designed in memory of the giant tomato. Before each tomato grew enormous, it was once small.

Uptrending Stocks With A High Value Rank

Value stocks are stocks that are considered to be trading at a low price, relative to their fundamentals (i.e. Earnings, Sales, Dividends, etc.). Value investors are individuals who are searching for stocks that they feel the market has undervalued. Stocks that are priced lower than what they should be priced at.

Moderately Priced Growth Stocks

Wouldn’t it be nice to see the market begin to grow as it has in times past! We’ll have to put that on our wish list this year-end. In the meantime, this search tries to identify stocks that are moderately priced and that are already showing signs of positive movement.

Oversold Stocks that are Turning

Value stocks by definition are stocks that should be priced higher than they are currently priced. These stocks are selling below fair value and represent an opportunity to buy them below where they should be trading and sell them when they are at or above a fair value price. Investors will often act irrationally, pushing prices either too high or too low. If we can identify stocks that are too low and buy at bargain prices they will often times give above average returns.

Chart-Shattering Growth

What if you could find a stock that was breaking old resistance to form a new high, had very strong EPS forecasted for the coming year, and accelerating volume? Doesn’t that sound like a good prospect?

Super-Charged Optionable Growth Stocks

Super-Charged optionable growth stocks is for “growth stock” investors that may want to leverage that growth with options. These stocks have a beta coefficient of between 1.5 and 2. This means that these stocks have historically moved more strongly than the broad market. Notice that the prices are confined to the low prices ($10-$25), which leaves a lot of room for upside moves.

These guys don’t rebuild – they reload!

When markets turn choppy, a company’s stock price often starts to suffer and the bottom line on the income statement doesn’t look as good. The natural thing for corporate executives to do is to look at making considerable cuts. By making budget cuts, lay-offs (firings), or just shutting down production sites altogether, some companies feel they are creating a better rebuilding opportunity for future growth in their stock price.

Bearish Trading archives

Bearish Bounce!

Bearish Bounce is a purely technical search that uses simple, yet effective, criteria to help bearish investors find stocks that have maintained a downtrend or are resuming a sell-off after a consolidation period.

Early Bears Watchlist

More aggressive traders like to enter trades on the first confirmation that the existing trend is changing. This search is built to find stocks and their underlying industries that are in the first stages of transition from bullish to bearish trends.

Long Term Bearish Stocks

This search focuses on long term down trending stocks. Most trend traders are long term bullish. However, there are stocks that can have long term downtrends as well and can provide great opportunities to those more pessimistic on the markets.

Stocks Trending Down

This search does a really good job of finding down-trending stock for some type of bearish trade. It would be good for both short selling and puts. The Stocks Trending Down search makes use of just two criteria plus a limitation for optionable stocks only. One component is used to find a stock that is in a strong down trend this is done looking for stocks that are at the 52 week low.

Finding Puts Before They Move

We use put options when think that a stock is going drop. Stocks usually drop more quickly than they rise, which means that we have less time to identify the opportunity and respond. Those who have tried to trade puts have probably run into many situations that would have been great two days ago but now appear as though they are late. Finding Puts Before They Move helps traders identify those opportunities before they happen.

Screening For Potential Put Plays

Put options give a trader the right to sell a stock at a specified price at some point in the future, up until expiration. Traders often buy puts instead of shorting a stock because the potential gain is larger, while the potential loss is limited to the price of the option contract. Similar to shorting a stock, traders buy puts based on the assumption that the stock will depreciate in value. This search screens for optionable stocks exhibiting a high amount of downside risk.

The Dogs of Wall Street

There are certain characteristics that make up a good entry for a put option. Among the more popular of these characteristics are a downtrending stock, bouncing off resistance, a high MACD and stochastic which are getting ready to roll over. These three components are the basis of “The Dogs of Wall Street”.

Weak Stocks Poised to Fall

Several major indices have recently bounced down from multi-year highs and continued to trend down over the last several months. The 5-year VIX chart also suggests continued bearishness in the markets. If so, we can capitalize on these price movements by finding stocks ready to fall. Weak Stocks Poised to Fall is designed to find stocks with low ERG, low Acc/Dist Current trading close to their moving average with a high MACD for a quick entry point.

Down Trending Stocks with a high MACD

This search is similar to some other searches that have been put on the Web site before. It is designed to find stocks for a put play. We want to find a put when it is just bouncing off resistance but before the MACD and Stochastics make their move.

Value and Volume Part Two

This is a powerful bearish search. It is a simple variation of the original concepts delivered in the “Value and Volume!” bullish search.

Double Resistance Breakdown

Trading puts is a strategy that can be very profitable when markets are bearish. When trading puts, it’s important to find downtrending stocks bouncing down from resistance or breaking below support. Many traders use the 30-day moving average as a resistance/support level in a trend, but many traders also use the 200-day moving average as a longer-term resistance/support. If you can find a stock that is breaking down from both of these resistance levels, you have the Double Resistance Breakdown!

Stock & Option ProSearch

This function allows you to search for stocks by using filters. The beauty of this program is its flexibility, there are hundreds of indicators one can use here and can pretty much apply to any strategy.

Stock options pro

Options Prebuilt Searches

This is a rare and very useful tool of Invetools. Very rarely does one find option filters because of the sheer number of tradeable contracts on the market. Investools actually developed strategies for options and is a very strong tool for option traders.

Prebuilt searches for options

Covered Calls

Along the lines of option searches, covered call scanners is another feature at Investools.

Prebuilt Searches (covered calls)

Financial Calendars

This tab is where one can find all the important news and releases. It is useful because not only is it accessible it also allows one to see future releases.

economic news calendar

Today’s Action

Today’s action provides a summary of the best and worst performing stocks. It’s unclear how this will be useful for traders.

market news

Market Posture

market posture (strategies)

Futures & Forex Posture

forex and futures postures

Fund Selector

long term investing selector

Retirement Calculator

Here one can see if one will have enough income to enjoy a worry-free retirement.

retirement calculator

REIT Evaluator

REIT evalulator tool

TD Investools Review
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Summary: Investools is a great website for traders that operate on a 6-12 month timeframe. It does not have tools for day trading or swing trading but it does have institutional appeal due to the heavy research focus. Traders that use a combination of fundamental and technical analysis will benefit from Investools the most. In addition, having retirement calculators and fund analyzers one the website reinforces the long term outlook this website is tailored to. Admittedly, there are many parts of Investools that feel like Yahoo! Finance and the value come primarily from the searches and the scanners.

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